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Control your SqueezeCenter ("Slimserver") and SqueezeBox (or multiple squeezeboxes) from your Android phone.

Features include:

  • Now playing, artwork, seeking within tracks, volume control.

  • Browse the library by album artist, all artists, composers, album, genre, year, playlist, favorites, or new music

  • Browse the music folders (if supported by the server).

  • Full library search.

  • Supports Plugins/Apps

  • Library Views and Remote Music Libraries

  • Download of local music; track, album, artist, genre, year, playlist and music folder

  • Manage players (names, synchronisation groups, sleep, alarms)

  • Internet radio support (browse, staff picks, search).

  • Home Screen Widgets

  • Alarm Clock management

  • Add/remove music from favorites

  • Automatic discovery of local servers

  • Connect to

  • Control playback from your Android Wear device

Squeezer is free, and open source. To file an issue or a feature request see the Issue Tracker. For more information, or to contribute, see the project home page.

NOTE The issue tracker has moved, please use the new location: for future requests.