Python API client for Diffbot; authored by Nik Cubrilovic (original repo at
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== py-diffbot ==

py-diffbot is a command line terminal client and python library for the [[|Diffbot]] article extraction and analysis API.

=== Developer Token ===

To use the client or Python library you will need to include a developer token, which can be obtained by submitting a request at the Diffbot website.


=== Getting Source ===

$ hg clone diffbot

=== Command Line Client ===

$ cd diffbot
$ chmod +x
$ ./

Command line options:

$ ./ 
Usage: [options] [url]

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -d, --debug           
  -v, --verbose         
  -q, --quiet           
  -o OFORMAT, --output=OFORMAT
                        Ouput format (html, raw, json, pretty)
  -k KEY                Diffbot developer API key


=== Library Integration ===

$ hg clone diffbot

Then link it to your source tree so that it can be imported:

$ ln -s diffbot/diffbot /my/project/vendors/diffbot

Simple code to get you started:


import diffbot

def main(url):
	db = diffbot.DiffBot(dev_token = "mydevtoken")
	article = db.get_article(url)

=== Links and Resources ===

* Diffbot Developer Documentation [[]]