Teamspeak 3 API module for Python 2/3
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python-ts3 is a abstraction library around the Teamspeak 3 ServerQuery API. It allows native access to the ServerQuery API with most of the formatting headaches avoided.

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Python Support

python-ts3 is targeted at Python 2.6/2.7/3.2/3.3 support, along with PyPy support.


Download the most recent sourcecode and install it::

git clone git://
cd python-ts3
python install

A stable version of python-ts3 is available on PyPi. Active development is done in the develop branch with release version merged into master

Example Usage

Example showing how to create a channel and sub-channel for it using python-ts3 library::

import ts3

server = ts3.TS3Server('', 10011)
server.login('serveradmin', 'secretpassword')

# choose virtual server

# create a channel
response = server.send_command('channelcreate', keys={'channel_name': 'Just some channel'})

# id of the newly created channel
channel_id =[0]['cid']

# create a sub-channel
server.send_command('channelcreate', keys={'channel_name': 'Just some sub-channel', 'cpid': channel_id})