Simple Data Mining Framework
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Site Runner

Common tool to full crawl websites and analyze content.


php example.php


[2012-09-11 18:18:22] Processed List Size 0
[2012-09-11 18:18:22] Planner Queue Size 282
[2012-09-11 18:18:22] Not in interval url count  0
[2012-09-11 18:18:33] Processed List Size 10
[2012-09-11 18:18:33] Planner Queue Size 2068

... Where

  • Processed List Size - count of already processed urls
  • Planner Queue Size - size of planner queue
  • Not in interval url count - count of url that price is not in interval

Core concepts

  • easy to extends - you can write your own parser adapter, crawler adapter and processor.

Right now it works not very fast by few reason

  • Default crawler adapter FGT - use file get contents - possible improvement write curl mutiexec adapter
  • Default parser adapter Xpath is quite slow - i use it because it more simple and easy to explain core concept - possible improvement write regexp adapter


  • We add first url from config to PLanner Queue
  • Crawl URl to get content
  • Process url data by Processor to complite useful job
  • Process url data by Crawler to get all url from page
  • Add all url to PLanner Queue
  • Move current url From PLanner Queue to Processed Url List (to not process it twice)

Possible improvement

  • add filter layer to filter bad urls(bad http status, etc)
  • get content hash to check content quality


  • Implements plugins support as git submodules
  • Move Queue to some external storage(ZeroMQ, Redis, Memcached)
  • Add we processing hucks