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This is Kohana 3.2 module for Mathematical CAPTCHA render. It was used while we worked on launch first version of http://coccoc.comvfronetend.

We had about 6 hours to add support of integral, limits and sqr root support render. So we have decided to use phpmathpublisher - horrible functional library that use gd/imagemagic to render math formulas.

Main ideas was

Beside the fact, that i'm only contributer of this project at github, some ideas was inspired during discussions with Vladimir Chernyshov, Anton Matveenko and Victor Lavrenko.

This project is not supported anymore, please if you are not insane never try to use it at production. You should learn js, python and ruby. Please do not start new projects using Kohana or kohana-math-captcha - even guy who created it don't like it anymore.

Stay hard, stay true.