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A lightweight screen capturing utility that gets out of your way.

  • No dedicated, cluttered settings UI – use your favorite JSON editor, like VSCode.
  • Upload to you own services via config files – like ShareX – but keep them updated – like user scripts.
  • No bloat like a DNS changer, hash validation or an FTP client. Just screenshots and screen recordings.
  • Tries to cover 80% of use cases - if you need more features for some tasks, try other tools for that use case1.


  • Requires a supported Version of Windows 10; 64 Bit
  • An internet connection is probably a good idea


Download the latest release here.

Or install it using Chocolatey:

choco install holzshots

CLI Options

HolzShots is a single-instance application. However, you can interact with the running instance. If you pass command-line parameters, they'll invoke actions on the running instance (or start a new one if HolzShots isn't already running).

Currently, these are supported:

holzshots capture-area
holzshots capture-full

holzshots open-image [optional image path]
holzshots upload-file [optional file path]

Feel free to integrate this into your tooling!


HolzShots is built on the shoulders of giants and uses various tools and libraries which all hav their respective license. Thank you!


  1. Like ScreenToGif or OBS