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Experimental, component-based JavaScript UI framework.


Fig is a simple and experimental user interface framework attempting to bring pug templates into the world of dynamically rendered client-side content. Not yet ready for production or anything serious, just exploring what's possible with today's javascript ecosystem. Please refer to the project's main website for a guide and api reference -


Build Size Gzipped
fig.js ~31kB ~9kg
fig.min.js ~14kB ~5kb


Any updates to the installed version of the framework should be done with care, fig is at the stage where every semver minor update can break your app in unexpected and weird ways. Remember to checkout the changelog before upgrading to newer versions!


Fork & clone the repo:

$ git clone<username>/fig
$ cd fig/

Get the dependencies, you know the drill. Note that this project installs a TON of packages (695 at the time of writing) if you're having troubles downloading them with npm, consider upgrading to yarn!

$ npm install
# OR
$ yarn

Start the watch scripts:

$ npm run build:watch
$ npm run test:watch

Hack away! 🚀

Before sending any PRs, remember to run the following lint script, thank you ❤️

$ npm run lint