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Platform for sharing datasets, code and discussions, reading latest news on AI, predicting heart disease, diabetes.
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This web application has the following features:

  • predict heart disease and diabetes.
  • create an account and login.
  • update their profile and password.
  • read the latest news from twitter.
  • publish and view published datasets by other members.
  • publish code and view published codes for a particular dataset.
  • participate in discussions.
  • upvote and downvote news, datasets and code.
  • subscribe or unsubscribe to newsletters.


  1. Clone the repository or download zip

    git clone
  2. Install composer dependencies

    cd aimed
    composer install --prefer-dist
  3. Copy the .env.example file to .env

  4. Set configurations in .env. Other than basic database and queue configurations you will need to provide Twitter API keys, Amazon S3 Storage API keys and Mail Chimp API keys.

  5. Generate App Key

    php artisan key:generate
  6. Create database and populate test data.

    php artisan migrate
    php artisan db:seed



Live Demo

Click Here


Machine Learning Portion

Read Full Report

Click Here


This project is open-sourced under the MIT license

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