Automatic Router Reboot and Issue Ticket Generation.
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Vianet IP Changer

Vianet uses Carrier-grade NAT to assign private IP to most of its customers.

You get assigned a public IP once in a while.

This program connects to Asus RT-N14 Router through Telnet and reboots the internet connection in an attempt to get a public IP.

If it fails to get a public IP within given number of attempts, it automatically opens a support ticket so that they can manually assign a public IP.


Set the following values in

ROUTER_USER = 'telnet username'
ROUTER_PASSWORD = 'telnet password'
VIANET_USERNAME = 'vianet customer portal username'
VIANET_PASSWORD = 'vianet customer portal password'

Set the following values in

TOKEN_ID = 'refer to screenshot below'


You can run or start a cronjob to run automatically.


This package is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license