PHP client for the Etherpad Lite HTTP API.
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This PHP Etherpad Lite class allows you to easily interact with Etherpad Lite API with PHP. Etherpad Lite is a collaborative editor provided by the Etherpad Foundation.

#1 Basic usage

include 'etherpad-lite-client.php';
$instance = new EtherpadLiteClient('EtherpadFTW,');
$revisionCount = $instance->getRevisionsCount('testPad');
$revisionCount = $revisionCount->revisions;
echo "Pad has $revisionCount revisions\n\n";

#2 Examples

See it live here

Examples are located in examples.php and example_big.php. examples.php contains an example for each API call. example_big.php contains a UI for managing pads.

This example is the most commonly used, the example displays a pads text on the screen:

$padContents = $instance->getText('testPad');
echo "Pad text is: <br/><ul>$padContents->text\n\n</ul>";
echo "End of Pad Text\n\n<hr>";

#3 License

Apache License

#4 Other stuff

The Etherpad Foundation also provides a jQuery plugin for Etherpad Lite. This can be found at