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<?xml version="1.0"?>
<package xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi="">
<metadata xmlns="">
<title>Script# jQuery Reference Assembly</title>
<authors>Nikhil Kothari</authors>
<copyright>Copyright (c) 2012, Nikhil Kothari</copyright>
<summary>Allows you to reference and use jQuery in Script# projects.</summary>
This package contains contains the Script.jQuery assembly that allows you to reference and program against the rich set of jQuery APIs when creating HTML5/browser-based applications with Script#.
<tags>script jquery jqueryui javascript ajax html html5 mobile scriptsharp thescriptsharp</tags>
<dependency id="ScriptSharp" version="" />
<dependency id="ScriptSharp.Lib.HTML" version="" />
<file src="..\..\..\bin\Release\Script.jQuery.dll" target="lib" />
<file src="..\..\..\bin\Release\Script.jQuery.xml" target="lib" />
<file src="..\..\..\bin\Release\Script.jQuery.txt" target="lib" />
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