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// Application.cs
// Script#/Core/Compiler
// This source code is subject to terms and conditions of the Apache License, Version 2.0.
using System;
using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Collections.ObjectModel;
using System.Diagnostics;
using System.IO;
namespace ScriptSharp {
internal static class Application {
private static readonly string AboutTextFormat = @"
Script# Compiler v{0} (C# to JavaScript compiler)
Written by Nikhil Kothari.
More information at
private static readonly string UsageText = @"
ssc [/nologo] [/?]
[/res:<resource file>]
/ref:<assembly path>
/out:<script file>
[/inc:<include base path>]
<C# source files>
/nologo Hides the about information.
/? Displays usage information.
/debug Turns on debug mode. Specifically, it defines the 'DEBUG'
/tests Includes test classes defined in the sources into the
generated script.
/minimize Minimizes the whitespace in the generated script file.
This is only used in non-debug builds.
/D Defines one or more variables that are used to conditionally
compile code.
/ref One or more references to C# assemblies to be used
to import metadata corresponding to dependency script files.
(Note you must include a reference to mscorlib.dll)
/res The set of one or more resources to compile in. These should be
.resx files. You should pass in both the language-neutral
resources and the locale specific resources for the locale
associated with the output script.
/out The resulting script file. Typically this is a .js file.
/inc The base path against which includes are resolved.
private static CompilerOptions CreateCompilerOptions(CommandLine commandLine) {
List<string> references = new List<string>();
List<IStreamSource> sources = new List<IStreamSource>();
List<IStreamSource> resources = new List<IStreamSource>();
List<string> defines = new List<string>();
List<string> scripts = new List<string>();
bool debug = false;
bool includeTests = false;
bool minimize = true;
IStreamSource scriptFile = null;
IStreamSourceResolver includeResolver = null;
foreach (string fileName in commandLine.Arguments) {
// TODO: This is a hack... something in the .net 4 build system causes
// generation of an AssemblyAttributes.cs file with fully-qualified
// type names, that we can't handle (this comes from multitargeting),
// and there doesn't seem like a way to turn it off.
if (fileName.EndsWith(".AssemblyAttributes.cs", StringComparison.OrdinalIgnoreCase)) {
sources.Add(new FileInputStreamSource(fileName));
object referencesObject = commandLine.Options["ref"];
if (referencesObject is string) {
else if (referencesObject is ArrayList) {
ArrayList referenceList = (ArrayList)referencesObject;
foreach (string reference in referenceList) {
// TODO: This is a hack... something in the .net 4 build system causes
// System.Core.dll to get included [sometimes].
// That shouldn't happen... so filter it out here.
if (reference.EndsWith("System.Core.dll", StringComparison.OrdinalIgnoreCase)) {
object resourcesObject = commandLine.Options["res"];
if (resourcesObject is string) {
resources.Add(new FileInputStreamSource((string)resourcesObject));
else if (resourcesObject is ArrayList) {
ArrayList resourceList = (ArrayList)resourcesObject;
foreach (string resource in resourceList) {
resources.Add(new FileInputStreamSource(resource));
object definesObject = commandLine.Options["D"];
if (definesObject is string) {
else if (definesObject is ArrayList) {
ArrayList definesList = (ArrayList)definesObject;
foreach (string definedVariable in definesList) {
string scriptFilePath = null;
if (commandLine.Options.Contains("out")) {
scriptFilePath = (string)commandLine.Options["out"];
if (scriptFilePath.IndexOfAny(Path.GetInvalidPathChars()) < 0) {
scriptFile = new FileOutputStreamSource(scriptFilePath);
debug = commandLine.Options.Contains("debug");
if (debug && !defines.Contains("DEBUG")) {
includeTests = commandLine.Options.Contains("tests");
minimize = commandLine.Options.Contains("minimize");
if (commandLine.Options.Contains("inc")) {
string basePath = (string)commandLine.Options["inc"];
includeResolver = new IncludeResolver(basePath);
CompilerOptions compilerOptions = new CompilerOptions();
compilerOptions.IncludeTests = includeTests;
compilerOptions.Defines = defines;
compilerOptions.Minimize = minimize;
compilerOptions.References = references;
compilerOptions.Sources = sources;
compilerOptions.Resources = resources;
compilerOptions.ScriptFile = scriptFile;
compilerOptions.IncludeResolver = includeResolver;
compilerOptions.InternalTestMode = commandLine.Options.Contains("test");
if (compilerOptions.InternalTestMode) {
compilerOptions.InternalTestType = (string)commandLine.Options["test"];
return compilerOptions;
public static bool Execute(string[] args) {
CommandLine commandLine = new CommandLine(args);
if (commandLine.Options.Contains("attach")) {
if (commandLine.ShowHelp) {
ShowUsage(/* message */ String.Empty);
return true;
CompilerOptions compilerOptions = CreateCompilerOptions(commandLine);
string errorMessage;
if (compilerOptions.Validate(out errorMessage) == false) {
return false;
if (commandLine.HideAbout == false) {
ScriptCompiler compiler = new ScriptCompiler();
bool success = compiler.Compile(compilerOptions);
return true;
return success;
#endif // DEBUG
private static string GetVersion() {
string exePath = typeof(Application).Assembly.GetModules()[0].FullyQualifiedName;
FileVersionInfo versionInfo = FileVersionInfo.GetVersionInfo(exePath);
return versionInfo.FileVersion;
public static int Main(string[] args) {
bool success = Application.Execute(args);
return success ? 0 : 1;
private static void ShowAbout() {
string version = GetVersion();
string aboutText = String.Format(AboutTextFormat, version);
private static void ShowUsage(string message) {
if (String.IsNullOrEmpty(message) == false) {
private sealed class IncludeResolver : IStreamSourceResolver {
private string _basePath;
public IncludeResolver(string basePath) {
_basePath = basePath;
public IStreamSource Resolve(string name) {
string path = Path.Combine(_basePath, name);
if (File.Exists(path)) {
return new FileInputStreamSource(path, name);
return null;
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