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<title>Script# by nikhilk</title>
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<meta name="description" content="Script# is the original and free C# to JavaScript compiler, allowing you to combine the productivity of c# and the ubiquity of JavaScript when writing HTML5 and script-based applications." />
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<p>C# Productivity with JavaScript Ubiquity!</p>
<span class="credits left">Project maintained by <a href="">nikhilk</a></span>
<h3>Script# Project</h3>
<p>Script# is a free tool that generates JavaScript by compiling C# source code. The goal is to enable you to leverage the productivity of C#, the Visual Studio IDE, and .NET tools and apply them to your HTML5 development. The Script# compiler is a development/build-time tool that takes a pragmatic approach to generating script for use in real-world script-based applications, without introducing any unnecessary layers of abstraction.</p>
<p>Stay tuned... updated site with more information and documentation coming soon!</p>
<h3>Useful Links</h3>
<li>Latest release (0.7.5) ... install the <a href="">Script# Extension</a> into Visual Studio 2010 and 2012. This installs project and item templates to get you quickly started ... see the Script# section under Visual C# in the New Project dialog.</li>
<li>Nuget packages ... install one or more <a href="">Script# nuget packages</a> into your Script# projects for additional functionality such as jQuery, Knockout, and Bing Maps libraries or additional functionality such as unit testing and fxcop for your Script# projects.</li>
<li>Follow Script# (<a href="">@scriptsharp</a>) and Nikhil (<a href="">@nikhilk</a>) on Twitter to connect and to hear about the latest announcements and updates on Script#.</li>
<li>Check out the sources, raise issues, and collaborate on the project via the <a href="">Script# Github repository</a>.</li>
<li>Ask questions about using Script# on <a href="">Stack Overflow</a>.</li>
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