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1 parent efeeaf3 commit 1b91eb4d10e67e82608cefd64a6395c2fd4e0a1e @nikhilk committed Jul 21, 2012
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@@ -26,6 +26,18 @@ v0.7.5.0 [in progress]
- [git #187] Support for writing 'new Image()'
- [git #189] Fixed jQuery.when metadata
- [git #201] Strongly typed some Knockout API (KnockoutMapping)
+ - Nuget packages for compiler, and individual import libraries
+ - Breaking changes:
+ - In a csproj, the TemplateFile property has been changed to ScriptTemplate
+ - When creating a project there is no prompt to setup a DeploymentPath
+ ... but for now, msbuild support continues to exist (via manual edit)
+ ... will potentially be replaced eventually.
+ - No more support for WebAppParitioning. If you were compiling multiple script
+ files out of a single c# project, this feature is gone. You can switch your
+ msbuild scripts to use the ScriptCompilerExecTask, instead of ScriptCompilerTask
+ and invoke the compiler multiple times for each script file, passing in exactly
+ the right set of sources for each script file to be generated.
+ - Removed Script.Windows.dll and gadget project
- Fix/update bing maps metadata bug

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