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Fix #84 - raise error message when using Type.CreateInstance directly…

… with return value of method/property
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1 parent 51a2e35 commit c20331ad6c4946b3f3fd1a765a8d3ce5e92abe2e @nikhilk committed Sep 25, 2011
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@@ -5,9 +5,15 @@ v0.7.3.1 [in progress]
- Fix/update bing maps metadata bug
- Fix observable bug where access to an observed property without an observer
registration would drop existing observers.
+ - Remove /copyRefs flag from ssc.exe (script references are no longer copied to output folder)
+ Same applies to ScriptCompilerExec task. The normal ScriptCompilerTask continues to provide
+ this capability.
+ - Added Sharpen.dom.js - a minimal set of helper APIs on top of HTML5 DOM APIs.
- [git #56] Switch statement when used with more then 6 cases will generate a compile error
- [git #66] Support Nullable.GetValueOrDefault which is needed for ?? operator on
+ - [git #84] Raise error for code which calls Type.CreateInstance with the results of a method
+ call/property access directly.
- [git #92] Don't generate internal consts since their values have been inlined
even in debug builds (for symmetry with release builds)
Also, at the same type skip generating types for internal enums marked

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