Some errors found in current sources #227

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It compiles fine but generates the wrong javascript.

1) "Script.CreateInstance(foo)" generate "createInstance(foo)" instead of "new foo"
2) "Script.GetField(x,y)" generate "getField(x,y)" instead of "x[y]" (same for Script.SetField)

In mscorlib.js, at // Debug Extensions section, test line "if (!console) {" could be "if (!global.console) {"

@nikhilk nikhilk closed this in 38c79ea Sep 3, 2012

When you picked up the current sources, did you also pick up the updated ScriptSharp.dll from the source tree? It contains changes pertinent to the Script.CreateInstance/GetField methods.


Hi nikhilk,
I was updating my project from Script# 7.4 to current and I had not yet removed the old msi.
I think it was used the old compiler (dll) instead of the new one (it is possible ?).
Now I have removed the old msi and everything is working properly.
Thank you very much.

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