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Where do I set DeploymentPath? #349

theoutlander opened this Issue · 3 comments

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We were running a 0.8 build from 3 months ago that allowed us to set DeploymentPath in the targets file.

Your recent change in 21af186 removed that functionality. Do we use OutputPath instead? I'm looking to output the JS file into my web app's script folder. Thanks!!


Per the description associated with that commit:

Deployment via msbuild task in web app project
1. Add ScriptSharp.Runtime nuget package to web app project
2. Add reference to client projects via project-to-project reference


Oh wow, thought that's what I had read but didn't think we could reference a S# project from ASP MVC yet.... I had to revert to the older build unfortunately since we have a demo coming up, but I'll try it in another 2 weeks. Thanks!


Thanks Nikhilk,

after added the ScriptSharp.Runtime in MVC web project I'm getting below error.

Error 1 The attribute "KeepDuplicates" in element is unrecognized. WebApplication1

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