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Adding .NET based WCF service to Script# project #414

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I have one .NET based WCF service running in production (NOT RESTFUL service). I have to consume that WCF service to my Script# project. I am using Script# version Whenever I am adding the service using Visual studio "Add Service reference", the service is getting added. But building the application it says "Error 5 The type or namespace name 'GeneratedCodeAttributeAttribute' does not exist in the namespace 'System.CodeDom.Compiler' (are you missing an assembly reference?"

So, I couldn't add the WCF service to my Script# project. I googled and found Script# has limited .NET based capabilities so it is not able to add WCF service. But I have to add the WCF service to my project to fulfill the requirement. But I can' t change the WCF service to RESTFul service because it is in production.

Please help!!!

Many thanks,


Great to see folks already chiming in and helping... just some contextual stuff to keep in mind.

Script# is not about running .net code. Its about using c# language to author script apps, and use the capabilities of scripting environments (in browser, in node.js etc.). The answer to many of these "how do I do x in script#" questions is the same as "how do I do x in insert_your_script_environment".

So, as mentioned, in a JavaScript client, you'd likely (or maybe I should say ideally, since this isn't the case with WCF-based implementations sometimes) work with a service with a simple REST API that speaks JSON. The same applies in script#.

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