A command line bluetooth file sharing application for Linux.
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A command line bluetooth file sharing application for Linux.


  • Linux packages required:

    Install as:

     $ sudo apt-get install bluetooth libbluetooth-dev bluez-tools
  • To install bshare, simply,

     $ pip install bshare


  • Help command:

     $ bshare -h
     usage: bshare.py [-h] [-a address] [-s address] [-d] [-l]
     A simple bluetooth file sharer!
     optional arguments:
       -h, --help            show this help message and exit
       -a address, --addr address
                             Connect to bluetooth device with specified Bluetooth
       -s address, --set address
                             Set default Bluetooth address.
       -d, --default         Shows the default bluetooth address.
       -l, --list            Shows all the added bluetooth devices identified by your
  • To list all the added buetooth devices:

     $ bshare -l
     Added devices:
     Windows Phone (9C:6C:15:01:EA:41)
     Videocon V1550 (00:67:1B:BA:7F:B2)
  • To share files with a device by specifying its bluetooth address:

     $ bshare -a F4:F5:24:B2:D9:7D
  • To set a bluetooth address as default (for quick sharing):

     $ bshare -s F4:F5:24:B2:D9:7D
     Default bluetooth address was changed to F4:F5:24:B2:D9:7D

    Now, to share files with device having default bluetooth address, simply:

     $ bshare
  • To show default bluetooth address:

     $ bshare -d
     Default bluetooth address: F4:F5:24:B2:D9:7D