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An easy-to-use python client for Google News feeds.
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PyPI license


An easy-to-use python client for Google News feeds.

gnewsclient supports Python 2 as well as Python 3.


To install gnewsclient, simply,

$ pip install gnewsclient

To install and use gnewsclient CLI, follow instructions here CLI


Google News feeds use 3 basic filters:

  • Edition
    Limits results to a specific edition.
    There are more than 70 regional editions of Google News in many different languages. Each edition is specifically tailored with news for that audience.

  • Topic
    Limits results to a specific topic.
    There are several custom topics like sports, business, world, health, science, politics, etc.

  • Location
    Limits results to a specific location.

Other than these, you can also specify:

  • Language
    Provides results in specified language.
    60+ languages are supported.

  • Query
    Provide results according to a specific query.


Simply run the GUI version:

$ gnews-gui

Or use the CLI version:

$ gnews [OPTIONS]

  --config         shows default config
  --query TEXT     shows news about query given
  --edition TEXT   shows news of edition given, default=United States
  --topic TEXT     shows topic given, default=top stories
  --location TEXT  shows news from location given
  --language TEXT  shows news in language given, default is english
  --sheditions     shows list of available editions
  --shtopics       shows list of available topics
  --shlangs        shows list of available languages
  --help           Show this message and exit.

Usage in Python scripts:

  • Create a gnewsclient object:
>>> from gnewsclient import gnewsclient
>>> client = gnewsclient()
  • Get current parameter settings
>>> client.get_config()
{'edition': 'United States (English)',
 'language': 'english',
 'loaction': None,
 'query': None,
 'topic': 'top stories'}
  • Get news feed
>>> client.get_news()
[{'img': '',
  'link': '',
  'title': "French citizens vote in an uncertain race that could determine Europe's future - Washington Post"},
 {'img': '',
  'link': '',
  'title': "Why people are marching for science: 'There is no Planet B' - Washington Post"},
 {'img': '',
  'link': '',
  'title': "Nearing 100 days, Trump's approval at record lows but his base is holding - Washington Post"}
  • Changing paramteres
>>> client.edition = 'India (Hindi)'
>>> client.topic = 'sports'
>>> client.language = 'hindi'
>>> client.get_news()
[{'img': '',
  'link': '',
  'title': 'वॉर्न की IPL टीम में भारतीयों का बोलबाला, धोनी को सौंपी कप्तानी - आज तक'},
 {'img': '',
  'link': '',
  'title': 'प्यार का करारनामा, इंटरनेशनल बैडमिंटन प्लेयर ज्वाला गुट्टा के हाथ पर नजर आया! - Patrika'}
  • Get news by query
>>> client.query = 'cricket'
>>> client.get_news()
[{'img': '',
  'link': '',
  'title': 'West Indies v Pakistan, 1st Test, Kingston, 2nd day April 22, 2017 -'},
 {'img': '',
  'link': '',
  'title': 'Cricket: China bowled out for 28 in World League qualifier -'},
 {'img': '',
  'link': '',
  'title': 'Full Cricket Score, IPL 2017, T20, Mumbai Indians vs Delhi Daredevils: MI beat DD by 14 runs - Hindustan Times'}
  • Get news by location
>>> client.loaction = 'delhi'
>>> client.get_news()
[{'img': '',
  'link': '',
  'title': 'MCD polls: Cops wrap Delhi in multi-layer security blanket - Times of India'},
 {'img': '',
  'link': '',
  'title': "MCD polls 2017: Heritage not on any party's agenda - Financial Express"},
 {'img': '',
  'link': '',
  'title': 'Car owner booked for Kashmere Gate accident - Times of India - Times of India'}
  • Get list of available editions, languages and topics
>>> client.editions
['Germany', 'Poland', 'Morocco', 'Colombia', 'India (Telugu)', 'Australia', 'Hungary', 'India (Malayalam)', 
'United Arab Emirates', 'Lebanon', 'Serbia', 'Canada (English)', 'China', 'United States (English)', 
'Nigeria', 'Austria', 'Kenya', 'Peru', 'Italy', 'Ghana', 'Ukraine (Russian)', 'Belgium (French)', 'Vietnam', 
'South Africa', 'Ethiopia', 'Lithuania', 'Philippines', 'Brazil', 'Saudi Arabia', 'India (Hindi)', 'India (Tamil)',
'United States (Spanish)', 'Latvia', 'Singapore', 'Norway', 'Sweden', 'Canada (French)', 'Egypt', 'Japan', 
'Arab world', 'Ukraine (Ukranian)', 'Netherlands', 'Hong Kong', 'Romania', 'United Kingdom', 'Slovakia', 
'Czech Republic', 'Chile', 'Indonesia', 'France', 'Bangladesh', 'Taiwan', 'Tanzania', 'Argentina', 'Greece', 
'Mexico', 'Pakistan', 'Bulgaria', 'Senegal', 'Zimbabwe', 'Belgium (Dutch)', 'Uganda', 'Turkey', 'Portugal', 
'Slovenia', 'Namibia', 'Cuba', 'New Zealand', 'Russia', 'India (English)', 'Botswana', 'Venezuela', 'Israel (Hebrew)',
'Thailand', 'Switzerland', 'Israel (English)', 'Ireland', 'Malaysia']
>>> client.topics
['business', 'politics', 'top stories', 'technology', 'world', 'sports', 'entertainment', 'national']
>>> client.languages
['tamil', 'kannada', 'norwegian', 'swedish', 'bulgarian', 'arabic', 'hindi', 'catalan', 'georgian', 'latvian',
'albanian', 'japanese', 'english', 'german', 'lithuanian', 'chinese simplified', 'polish', 'czech', 'macedonian',
'yiddish', 'turkish', 'dutch', 'urdu', 'serbian', 'basque', 'thai', 'hungarian', 'danish', 'galician', 'latin', 
'chinese traditional', 'vietnamese', 'portuguese', 'welsh', 'croatian', 'bengali', 'finnish', 'icelandic', 
'azerbaijani', 'swahili', 'malay', 'korean', 'slovak', 'russian', 'irish', 'spanish', 'belarusian', 'french',
'estonian', 'indonesian', 'slovenian', 'italian', 'maltese', 'haitian creole', 'esperanto', 'ukrainian', 
'afrikaans', 'filipino', 'gujarati', 'hebrew', 'telugu', 'greek', 'persian', 'romanian']
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