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A remote-desktop sharing application.
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A remote-desktop sharing application.

  • browser-based, shared over LAN
  • cross platform
  • control remote-desktop using your mouse and keyboard
  • click, double click and right click enabled
  • works on touch-screen devices as well!


  • Clone this repo:

     $ git clone
  • Install the requirements:

     pip install -r requirements.txt


  • To run application using the default Werkzeug server:

     $ python
  • To run application using Gunicorn server:

     $ python

A simple CLI has also been provided to tweak different parameters.

  • Show help message

     $ python -h
     usage: [-h] [-b server] [-p port] [-w workers] [-t threads]
     RemotePy CLI
     optional arguments:
       -h, --help            show this help message and exit
       -b server, --server server
                             IP address of server.
       -p port, --port port  Port no. of server.
       -w workers, --workers workers
                             No. of workers on server.
       -t threads, --threads threads
                             No. of threads for server
  • Run Gunicorn server with:

    • IP address,
    • port no. 8000,
    • 2 workers,
    • 5 threads
     $ python -b -p 8000 -w 2 -t 5


  • Improve HTML layout
  • Make the multi-threaded server more stable


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