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Native Bindings to node.js - Slides and code for the talk at jsfoo

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Nikhil Marathe authored

Build the C link - JSFoo Pune

This is the code and slides for the talk I gave on writing native node.js addons at JSFoo on Jan 21, 2012.

Makefile           - build *all* the code and the slides (using rst2pdf)
async              - example code for async execution
calljs             - calling JS functions from C++
firststep          - basic module template
images             - images used in the slides
methods            - C++ functions as prototype methods
notes.txt          - speaker notes
objectwrap         - Demonstrate ObjectWrap
primitives         - Primitives example
simplefunctions    - Simple JS functions
simpleobject       - JS objects in C++
slides.pdf         - ???
slides.rst         - Sources for the slides       - rst2pdf stylesheet
strings            - v8::String to C string to and fro
sync               - example code to compare against async


All the code is in the public domain.

The slides and speaker notes (including source material and images) are under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license which means you may create derivative works, but mention that your work derives from me, by mentioning my name and email address.

If you do find any of this useful, please drop me a line at, I'll feel warm and fuzzy inside :)

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