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2012.08.29, v0.7.0
* Switch to node-gyp. node-waf support is removed.
2012.06.08, v0.6.0
* This release is due to a major issue with compiling node-taglib and minimum
node version required. (Thanks to Emil Sedgh for reporting this.)
* Minimum node version required bumped up to v0.6.1
* Resolver support is only compiled if node version >= v0.7.0 since libuv
supports mutexes and threads only from 0.7.0 onwards
* Fix Mac/FreeBSD nested mutex bug.
2012.05.29, v0.5.0
* Added read support for Buffers.
* Added support for filename based resolvers.
* Added read() call to immediately close file. This should now be the standard
way to use node-taglib.
* Removed AudioProperties. Use read().
* Significant internal changes and code cleanup.
2012.04.05, v0.3.1
* Fix bug in npm package where a build cache was included in the package.
* Add #include <string.h> to src/ to fix gcc errors.
2012.03.22, v0.3.0
* Added asynchronous read and write support!
* Async support _requires_ TagLib from git.
* Removed getFileTags and getAudioProperties.
* Tag can no longer be used as a constructor.
* Removed taglib.js, all functionality is in C++.
* Expose WITH_ASF and WITH_MP4 flags so clients can check for availability of
these features.
* Add complete API documentation.
2011.10.30, v0.2.1
* Lowercase process.ARGV in examples/properties.js to work with node v0.5.10
2011.10.30, v0.2.0
* Add support for Unicode filenames (Thanks to Jacob Evans <>)
* Add write support (Thanks to Lennart Melzer <>)
* Added AudioProperties support
* Add Tag::comment accessor (Thanks to Andrew Clunis <>)
* Use WAF environment to get build path and add 'clean' target. (issue #11)
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