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@@ -141,15 +141,15 @@ Save any changes in the Tag meta-data to disk _synchronously_.
Returns whether the tag is empty or not.
-### taglib.addResolvers([resolver1[, resolver2[, ...]]])
+### taglib.addResolvers(\[resolver1\[, resolver2\[, ...]]])
Adds JavaScript functions that will be called to resolve the filetype of
a file. Each resolver will be added to the front of the resolver queue. So the
last resolver will be called first. Multiple calls to `addResolvers` are
Each resolver must be a JavaScript function which takes a `filename` parameter
-and returns a `string`. The string must be one of (case-insensitive):
+and returns a format `string`. The string must be one of (case-insensitive):
"OGG" - Ogg Vorbis

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