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Commits on Jul 22, 2009
  1. Remove rest_ from options

Commits on Jul 20, 2009
  1. Fixed naming conflict

Commits on Jul 19, 2009
  1. Fixed test cases to accept extra arguments and to excuse the usage in…

    …formation printed after the error
  2. Made rest_ optional in the function declaration.

    blurb will react properly if docstring does not exist
  3. Added rest_ to store remaining arguments as a tuple.

    args if filtered to remove entries already present in required_args and
    those that are options. Everything else is put in options['rest_']
    Right now it is required that rest_ be defined in the function.
  4. Changed formatting of error/usage methods.

    The first line of the docstring is now used as a short description for
    Changed argument check to > so that extra arguments don't cause
Commits on Jul 15, 2009
  1. Added header and subcommand separator.

    I didn't really like the , separation much.
    Header is printed before the list of commands.
    You should set both of these by calls to
    optfunc.header = 'My really cool app'
Commits on May 29, 2009
  1. Documented the new optfunc.main(func) idiom, which uses a tricksy sta…

    Simon Willison authored
    …ck introspection to detect if __name__ == '__main__' for you
  2. clarified stdin code a bit

    Simon Willison authored
  3. Added support for special stdin argument

    Simon Willison authored
  4. optfunc.main() - like, but it peeks at the stack and us…

    Simon Willison authored
    …es it to decide if __name__ == '__main__', saving you from having to type that idiom yourself
Commits on May 28, 2009
  1. Added BSD license

    Simon Willison authored
  2. Merge commit 'rybesh/master'

    Simon Willison authored
  3. @rybesh
  4. TODO: Subcommands need to interact with --help better

    Simon Willison authored
  5. Added support for subcommands - just pass a list of functions to optf…

    Simon Willison authored
    … e.g.[one, two, three])
  6. @rybesh

    Get custom names working.

    rybesh authored
  7. @rybesh
  8. @rybesh
  9. @rybesh
  10. Added TODO based on neat idea from @nasrat - pass multiple functions …

    Simon Willison authored
    …to the run() command and have the first command line argument select which function gets executed.
  11. Added documentation of how arguments are treated, and how option name…

    Simon Willison authored
    …s are derived from function parameter names
  12. Impoved command line output example in readme

    Simon Willison authored
  13. Added shebang line to demo scripts

    Simon Willison authored
  14. TODO: support for *args, but probably not **kwargs

    Simon Willison authored
  15. Fixed a typo in a comment

    Simon Willison authored
  16. Removed a TODO (argument help text is done)

    Simon Willison authored
  17. Added a demo command line script based on…

    Simon Willison authored
    …ocoders which demonstrates the new @notstrict and @arghelp decorators
  18. Added @arghelp and @notstrict decorators, plus tests

    Simon Willison authored
  19. TODO: allow function to be a generator

    Simon Willison authored
  20. Renamed to

    Simon Willison authored
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