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Qommunicate is an IP messenger ( ) clone which is cross platform and features
a more modern and intuitive user interface.
* Installation
1) From source on UNIX systems
Install the Qt development package ( ) for your respective platform.
Then download the Qommunicate source package and extract it to a suitable location. Execute the following commands:
$ cd /path/to/qommunicate
$ cd src
$ qmake
$ make
$ su -c 'make install'
$ ./qommunicate
If the build fails at any step, please send any of the AUTHORS an email. Qommunicate is not yet widely tested,
but should work without a hitch on most systems.
2) From source on Windows
Install the Qt Open Source version ( ). Then run the Qt development console.
This will start a command prompt setup for compilation. Now perform the exact steps in (1) except for the
make install part.
* Licensing
Qommunicate is Open Source software under the GNU General Public License. See LICENSE for details.