A project to encourage young programmers make their first open source contribution
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Hacktoberfest First Pull request Helper !

The goal of this repo is to help beginners who are doing their first pull requests. Feel free to join! Your name will appear here https://nikhilmufc7.github.io/Hacktoberfest-PR/


In the index.html file, look for the 'ol' tag. Then insert a 'li' tag with your link to your profile.

How to Create a Pull Request

  • Click on the fork on the top to fork this repo.
  • Go to your repo where you fork the project.
  • Hit the clone button on your forked repo and copy the given link.
  • On your terminal / command prompt, type "git clone [put the link here]".
  • Change the index file in the folder.
  • Afterward, on your terminal / command prompt, type "git add index.html"; then 'git commit -m "[type a message]" '.
  • Push the commit. For example, type "git push origin master".
  • Go back to the original repo.
  • Hit "new pull request" and compare between forks.
  • Confirm the pull request and that's it!