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Recycle Rampage

Identifying everyday products that are recyclable can be a challenge. For example, I had no idea that plastic bags were supposed to be disposed of in a landfill. As I was writing this project description, I had to ask Cindy just to make sure that they weren't supposed to be recycled. We decided to turn this challenge into an opportunity to educate the general public on recyclable and compostable goods by gamifying the experience and making it fun and interactive. We created a mobile app in which the player must swipe a product into its corresponding disposal bin. The game becomes progressively faster and harder as you progress, and you must be able to quickly identify and dispose of the waste. Since this is a minimum viable product for hackathon purposes, we implemented 12 different waste products to be disposed of. In order to cover the wide range of ambiguous disposable items, we plan to implement more waste products to educate the public about them.

Recyle Rampage preview

Recycle Rampage won the Best UI/Design in Big Red Hacks 2016 held at Cornell University.