Voucher redemption system for iOS w/ PHP & MySQL backend
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Redeemer is meant to give you an idea of a voucher redemption system for iOS apps like App Store Promo Codes.
Redeemer is especially made for newspaper or magazine apps to unlock single issues but can be easily changed to suit any existing environment.

Setting up Redeemer:
 - Create a new MySQL table by either uploading "codes.sql" or by copying the contents of the file.
 - By using a service like random.org create 12-character long strings.
 - Create new table records containing the random strings (your codes) and a 6-character long issue id like "3-2011" (in the sample project "-" is replaced with "/").
  - RedeemerCompanion for Mac makes your life easier by generating codes and inserting them into your table.
 - Change credentials in "redeem.php" and upload the file to your server.
 - Change URL to "redeem.php" in "Redeemer.m".
 - "Build and Run".