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Version 0.9.3-dev

  • [BC] As list() in foreach is now supported the structure of list assignments changed:

    1. There is no longer a dedicated AssignList node; instead a normal Assign node is used with a List as var.
    2. Nested lists are now List nodes too, instead of just arrays.
  • [BC] As arbitrary expressions are allowed in empty() now its subnode was renamed from var to expr.

  • [PHP 5.5] Add support for arbitrary expressions in empty().

  • [PHP 5.5] Add support for constant array / string dereferencing. Examples: "foo"[2], [1, 2, 3][2]

  • [PHP 5.5] Add support for yield expressions. This adds a new Yield expression type, with subnodes key and value.

  • [PHP 5.5] Add support for finally. This adds a new finallyStmts subnode to the TryCatch node. If there is no finally clause it will be null.

  • [PHP 5.5] Add support for list() destructuring of foreach values. Example: foreach ($coords as list($x, $y)) { ... }

  • Fix parsing of $foo =& new Bar. It is now properly parsed as AssignRef (instead of Assign).

Version 0.9.2 (07.07.2012)

  • Add Class->getMethods() function, which returns all methods contained in the stmts array of the class node. This does not take inherited methods into account.

  • Add isPublic(), isProtected(), isPrivate(). isAbstract(), isFinal() and isStatic() accessors to the ClassMethod, Property and Class nodes. (Property and Class obviously only have the accessors relevant to them.)

  • Fix parsing of new expressions in parentheses, e.g. return(new Foo);.

  • [BC] Due to the below changes nodes now optionally accept an $attributes array as the last parameter, instead of the previously used $line and $docComment parameters.

  • Add mechanism for adding attributes to nodes in the lexer.

    The following attributes are now added by default:

    • startLine: The line the node started in.
    • endLine: The line the node ended in.
    • comments: An array of comments. The comments are instances of PHPParser_Comment (or PHPParser_Comment_Doc for doc comments).

    The methods getLine() and setLine() still exist and function as before, but internally operator on the startLine attribute.

    getDocComment() also continues to exist. It returns the last comment in the comments attribute if it is a doc comment, otherwise null. As getDocComment() now returns a comment object (which can be modified using ->setText()) the setDocComment() method was removed. Comment objects implement a __toString() method, so getDocComment() should continue to work properly with old code.

  • [BC] Use inject-once approach for lexer:

    Now the lexer is injected only once when creating the parser. Instead of

      $parser = new PHPParser_Parser;
      $parser->parse(new PHPParser_Lexer($code));
      $parser->parse(new PHPParser_Lexer($code2));

    you write:

      $parser = new PHPParser_Parser(new PHPParser_Lexer);
  • Fix NameResolver visitor to also resolve class names in catch blocks.

Version 0.9.1 (24.04.2012)

  • Add ability to add attributes to nodes:

    It is now possible to add attributes to a node using $node->setAttribute('name', 'value') and to retrieve them using $node->getAttribute('name' [, 'default']). Additionally the existance of an attribute can be checked with $node->hasAttribute('name') and all attributes can be returned using $node->getAttributes().

  • Add code generation features: Builders and templates.

    For more infos, see the code generation documentation.

  • [BC] Don't traverse nodes merged by another visitor:

    If a NodeVisitor returns an array of nodes to merge, these will no longer be traversed by all other visitors. This behavior only caused problems.

  • Fix line numbers for some list structures.

  • Fix XML unserialization of empty nodes.
  • Fix parsing of integers that overflow into floats.
  • Fix emulation of NOWDOC and binary floats.

Version 0.9.0 (05.01.2012)

First version.

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