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A CoffeeScript extension that introduces a packaging system and support for convenient import statements

This utility removes a decent portion of boilerplate from CoffeeScript modules management by addressing several problems of the classic require-exports approach:

  1. Importing members locally:

    Standard CoffeeScript code:

    {print, puts, debug, error, inspect, p, log, exec, pump, inherits} = require "util"

    Robusta code:

    import * from util
  2. Managing exports. The headache of managing exports is a well known issue. Robusta addresses it:

    Generated CoffeeScript code:

    a = ->
    b = 0
    c = 0
    exports.a = a
    exports.b = b
    exports.c = c

    Robusta code:

    export *
    a = ->
    b = 0
    c = 0
  3. The absolute/relative paths confusion. In Robusta all import paths are absolute - no matter whether it's a node_modules dependency or a local module. Please see this example.

You will find out a lot of other niceties about Robusta. Please check out the sample code here.

Robusta transcompiles the code into either the standard CoffeeScript or directly into JavaScript. Following is its command line usage info:

  robusta [targetDir] [sourceDir] [params...]
  * targetDir defaults to `lib`
  * sourceDir defaults to `src`

  --coffee, -c - Compile to CoffeeScript, it's JavaScript otherwise
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