List of Tested Java Games (Touchscreen)

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Touchscreen Games

- All the games that are listed here are tested to work with J2ME Loader.

(AR) - Auto-Rotation Enabled.

Game Name Midlet Version Screen Resolution Orientation
A Good Day To Die Hard 1.0.1 640x360 L (AR)
Age Of Empires III 1.0.0 360x640 P
Age Of Empires III: Asian Dynasties 1.0.0 360x640 P
Asphalt Nitro 1.1.8 640x360 L (AR)
Assassin's Creed Brotherhood 1.2.8 640x360 L (AR)
Assassin's Creed Revelations 1.0.4 640x360 L (AR)
Assassin's Creed 3 1.0.3 640x360 L (AR)
Assassins's Creed 2 1.0.3 240x400 L
Block Breaker 3 Unlimited 1.2.1 360x640 P
Bubble bash 2 1.2.2 360x640 P
Bubble Bash 3 1.1.1 360x640 P
Bubble Bash 1.0.5 360x640 P
Call of Duty 5 1.0.0 360x640 P
Candy Machine 1.0.0 360x640 P
Carnival Land 1.1.0 360x640 P
Catchphrase 1.0.4 360x640 P
Clash of Titans 1.0.0 240x400 P
Command & Conquer: Red Alert 4.20.43 240x400 P
Cowboys And Aliens 1.1.0 640x360 L (AR)
Date Or Ditch 2 1.1.5 360x640 P
Date Or Ditch 1.0.4 180x320 P
Diamond Twister 2 1.2.2 360x640 P
Diamond Twister 1.0.4 360x640 P
Dictator Defense 1.0.5
Disney Magic Kingdoms 1.5.0 640x360 L (AR)
Dogz 2 1.0.7 360x640 P
Dragon Mania 1.0.0 640x360 L (AR)
Dungeon Hunter: Curse of Heaven 1.0.0 640x360 L (AR)
Earthworm Jim 1.0.1
L (AR)
Edge 4.4.0 360x640 P
Edge Extended 1.0.3 360x640 P
Far Cry 2 1.0.6 640x360 L (AR)
Farm Frenzy 2 1.1.0 640x360 L (AR)
Farm Frenzy 2.0.1 240x400 L
Fashion Icon 1.0.2 240x400 L
Gangstar 2 1.0.0 640x360 L (AR)
Gangstar 3: Miami Vindication 1.0.3 640x360 L (AR)
Gangstar City 1.0.7 640x360 L (AR)
Gangstar Rio 1.1.4 640x360 L (AR)
Generator Rex 1.0.4 360x640 P
Ghost Recon: Future Soldier 1.1.9 640x360 L (AR)
Green Farm 3 1.0.4
L (AR)
Green Farm 1.2.0
L (AR)
GT Racing 2 1.0.3 640x360 L (AR)
Guitar Rock Tour 2 1.1.0 360 x640 P
Guitar Rock Tour 1.0 2 640x360 L (AR)
H.A.W.X 1.0.5 360x640 P
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part 2 1.1.5 640x360 L (AR)
Heroes Lore Zero 4.2.71 240x420 P
High School Hook Ups 1.1.0
L (AR)
Ice Age Scrat Ventures 1.1.0 640x360 L (AR)
Ice Age Vilage 1.0.8 640x360 L (AR)
Iron Man 3 1.1.2 640x360 L (AR)
Jurassic Park 1.1.7 640x360 L (AR)
Kingdoms and Lords 1.0.1 640x360 L (AR)
Las Vegas Nights 1.0.1 240x400 P
Let's Go Bowling 1.1.2 360x640 P
Let's Golf 1.0.4 360x640 P
Little Big City 2 1.0.0 640x360 L (AR)
Littlest Petshop 1.1.4
L (AR)
Lord of the Rings Middle Earth Defence 1.0.0 360x640 P
Lost Planet 2 1.0.5 640x360 L (AR)
March of Heroes 1.0.2 640x360 L (AR)
Mega Tower Assault 1.3.3 640x360 L (AR)
Men In Black 3 1.1.5 640x360 L (AR)
Miami Nights 2 1.0.5
L (AR)
Midnight Bowling 3 1.0.3 240x400 P
Midnight Bowling 2 1.0.7 640x360 L (AR)
Midnight Pool 3 1.1.9 640x360 L (AR)
Midnight Pool 4 1.0.2 640x360 L (AR)
Modern Combat 2 1.2.7 640x360 L (AR)
Modern Combat 4 1.0.1 640x360 L (AR)
Monsters University 1.0.1 640x360 L (AR)
Monsters vs Aliens 1.0.0 240x349 P
My Life in New York 1.0.4 640x360 L (AR)
Narnia 3 1.0.7 640x360 L (AR)
NBA Pro Basketball 2010 1.0.8 360x640 P
New York Nights 2 1.1.8 640x360 L (AR)
Night at The Museum 2 1.2.6 640x360 L (AR)
Ninja Prophecy 1.1.5 360x640 P
NOVA 3 1.0.4 640x360 L (AR)
NOVA 1.0.5 640x360 L (AR)
NOVA Legacy 1.0.1 640x360 L (AR)
Oregon Trail Gold Rush 1.4.1 640x360 L (AR)
Plants vs Zombies 4.0.45 640x360 L (AR)
Prince of Persia Forgotten Sands 1.0.8 640x360 L (AR)
Predators 1.2.5 640x360 L (AR)
Prince of Persia Zero 1.0.1 640x360 L (AR)
Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party 1.0.4 360x640 P
Sally's Studio 1.1.3 240x400 L
Sexy Poker 2009 1.1.8 360x640 P
Sherlock Holmes 1.0.4 640x360 L (AR)
Silent Hill Mobile 3 1.1.0 360x640 P
Snake Revolution 1.0.11 360x640 P
Sonic Runners Adventure 1.0.0 640x360 L (AR)
Sonic Unleashed 1.0.0 240x400 L
Soul Calibur 1.0.0 640x360 L (AR)
Soul of Darkness 1.0.1 640x360 L (AR)
Spider-Man Toxic City 1.0.8 240x400 L
Spider-Man Ultimate Power 1.1.1 640x360 L (AR)
Splinter Cell Conviction 1.0.4 640x360 L (AR)
Surviving High School 7.25.83 360x640 P
Tekken Mobile 1.0.7 240x400 L
Tetris Revolution 1.16.55 360x640 P
The Adventures of Tintin 1.0.4 640x360 L (AR)
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 1.0 3 640x360 L (AR)
The Amazing Spider-Man 1.0.0 640x360 L (AR)
The Avengers 1.4.3
L (AR)
The Dark Knight Rises 1.0.0 640x360 L (AR)
The Sims 2 Castaway 4.6.12 360x640 P
Thor: Dark World 1.0.1 640x360 L (AR)
Total Conquest 1.0.2 640x360 L (AR)
Tower Bloxx New York 1.0.15 360x640 P
UNO and Friends 1.0.7 640x360 L (AR)
UNO Spin 1.1.1 240x400 L
Vampire Romance 1.0.5 640x360 L (AR)
Where is Wally 1.1.2 360x640 P
Wild West Guns 1.1.0 640x360 L (AR)
Wonder Zoo 1.2.9 640x360 L (AR)
Word Crafter 1.0.7 640x360 L (AR)
World at Arms 1.0.5 640x360 L (AR)
Wrath of the Titans 1.1.6 640x360 L (AR)
Zombiewood 1.0.9 640x360 L (AR)

List of Tested Java Games (Non-Touchscreen)
List of Java Games w/ Glitches

Recommended Devices for Java Games Source:

- Nokia 5800 Xpress Music - 360x640/640x360
- Samsung GT-5230 - 240x400
- Nokia 6300, Nokia 5300, N73, N95 - 240x320

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