[UNMAINTAINED] Universal FRC C++ Development Tools -- for Linux and more
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Universal compiling scripts for FRC

System Requirements:
  For Linux: wine, wput, python2, tcl, curl
  For Windows/MSYSgit: MSYSgit, Python
  For Windows/Cygwin: Cygwin, Python, WindRiver

Installation instructions:
 - Add the "ucpp/ucpp" folder to your system PATH
 - Run the ucpp setup script
       $ ucpp setup -t <team-number>

Creating a project
 $ ucpp init
        Configures the current directory as an FRC C++ project
        that deploys code to your team's robot.

        The ucpp build system aims to be fully compatible with
        development in WindRiver. You can initialize any existing
        WindRiver project as a ucpp project, as well as any folder
        that contains C++ files.

Building and deploying code
 $ ucpp configure
        Generates a Makefile for your project
        For additional options, run "ucpp configure help"
 $ make
        Compile the project
 $ make deploy
        Deploy code to the robot