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Crafting Ideas

Platform to share and grow your ideas

Ideas can change the world. Although a lot of people put too much value into them. Ideas without implementation are nothing. Projects like Kickstarter do an amazing job at helping an idea grow up and become a thing.

Some ideas don't need a kickstarter though. I want to create a Twitter, like service that would allow users to showcase what ideas they have.

It would allow users to create a profile and then add their ideas. By default all ideas written down are private to the user but he can mark certain ideas as public and they will show up on his public profile.

Other people can then take a look at the profiles and see what ideas they think are interesting and ask how they can help and thus ideas actully have more chance at becoming a 'thing'.

Here is one such idea. This idea is nothing though until someone actually builds and makes it a 'thing'. This platform should minimse the time that it takes from getting a raw idea out into the world and seeing it grow.


To run it locally, clone the project and run:

npm install

npm start

And then connect to http://localhost:3000


Suggestions and pull requests are highly encouraged!


Thank you

You can support me on Patreon or look into other projects I shared.

MIT Twitter