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{:templates {:alfred "osascript -e 'tell application \"Alfred 3\" to run trigger \"%s\" in workflow \"%s\" with argument \"\"'"
:km "osascript -e 'tell application \"Keyboard Maestro Engine\" to do script \"%s\"'"}
:simlayers {:semicolon-mode {:key :semicolon}
:2-mode {:key :2}
:3-mode {:key :3}
:q-mode {:key :q}
:w-mode {:key :w}
:e-mode {:key :e}
:r-mode {:key :r}
:t-mode {:key :t}
:u-mode {:key :u}
:i-mode {:key :i}
:o-mode {:key :o}
:p-mode {:key :p}
:a-mode {:key :a}
:s-mode {:key :s}
:d-mode {:key :d}
:f-mode {:key :f}
:g-mode {:key :g}
:z-mode {:key :z}
:x-mode {:key :x}
:c-mode {:key :c}
:v-mode {:key :v}
:b-mode {:key :b}
:n-mode {:key :n}
:m-mode {:key :m}
:spacebar-mode {:key :spacebar}
:backquote-mode {:key :grave_accent_and_tilde}
;:jsdot-mode {:key :period}
;:godot-mode {:key :period}
:pydot-mode {:key :period}
:tab-mode {:key :tab}
:comma-mode {:key :comma}
:caps-mode {:key :caps_lock}
:js-mode {:key :period}}
:main [{:des "colonkey (shift)"
:rules [:semicolon-mode
[:q :!Sq]
[:w :!Sw]
[:e :!Se]
[:r :!Sr]
[:t :!St]
[:y :!Sy]
[:u :!Su]
[:i :!Si]
[:o :!So]
[:p :!Sp]
[:a :!Sa]
[:s :!Ss]
[:d :!Sd]
[:f :!Sf]
[:g :!Sg]
[:h :!Sh]
[:j :!Sj]
[:k :!Sk]
[:l :!Sl]
[:z :!Sz]
[:x :!Sx]
[:c :!Sc]
[:v :!Sv]
[:b :!Sb]
[:n :!Sn]
[:m :!Sm]
[:1 :!T1]
[:2 :!T2]
[:3 :!T3]
[:4 :!T4]
[:5 :!T5]
[:6 :!T6]]}
{:des "2key (move)"
:rules [:2-mode
[:j :!Cdown_arrow]
[:quote :!Odown_arrow]
[:semicolon :!Oup_arrow]
[:k :!Cup_arrow]
[:l :!Cright_arrow]
[:h :!Cleft_arrow]]}
{:des "3key (test)"
:rules [:3-mode
[:j [:km "test: JavaScript"]]]}
{:des "swap : and ;"
:rules [[:#Psemicolon :!Ssemicolon]
[:!Ssemicolon :semicolon]]}
{:des "right cmd -> Alfred"
:rules [[:right_command :right_command nil {:alone :!CTOSspacebar}]]}
{:des "jsim"
:rules [[[:j :k] [:alfred "search google" "net.deanishe.alfred-searchio"]]
[[:j :semicolon] [:alfred "search tabs" "net.deanishe.alfred.safari"]]
[[:j :l] :!CTOSspacebar]]} ; Alfred
{:des "ksim"
:rules [[[:k :l] [:alfred "search dash" "com.nikivi.own.dash"]]
[[:k :m] [:alfred "search youtube" "net.deanishe.alfred-searchio"]]
;[[:k :n] [:alfred "search history" "net.deanishe.alfred.safari"]]
[[:k :semicolon] [:alfred "ssh" "net.deanishe.alfred-ssh"]]]}
{:des "qkey (cmd + shift)"
:rules [:q-mode
[:open_bracket :!CSopen_bracket]
[:spacebar :!CT7]
[:close_bracket :!CSclose_bracket]
[:semicolon :!CSsemicolon]
[:quote :!CSquote]
[:comma :!CScomma]
[:period :!CSperiod]
[:slash :!CSslash]
[:a :!CSa]
[:b :!CSb]
[:c :!CSc]
[:d :!CSd]
[:e :!CSe]
[:f :!CSf]
[:g :!CSg]
[:h :!CSh]
[:i :!CSi]
[:j :!CSj]
[:k :!CSk]
[:l :!CSl]
[:m :!CSm]
[:n :!CSn]
[:o :!CSo]
[:p :!CSp]
[:r :!CSr]
[:s :!CSs]
[:t :!CSt]
[:u :!CSu]
[:v :!CSv]
[:w :!CSw]
[:x :!CSx]
[:y :!CSy]
[:z :!CSz]
[:1 :!CS1]
[:2 :!CS2]
[:3 :!CS3]
[:4 :!CS4]
[:5 :!CS5]
[:6 :!CS6]
[:7 :!CS7]
[:8 :!CS8]
[:9 :!CS9]
[:0 :!CS0]
[:spacebar :!TOSx]]}
{:des "wkey (apps)"
:rules [:w-mode
[:k [:km "open: Safari"]]
[:u [:km "open: Activity Monitor"]]
[:i [:km "open: Chrome Canary"]]
[:t [:km "open: Trello"]]
[:v [:km "open: Spotify"]]
[:spacebar :!CSO7]
[:g [:km "open: Bee"]]
[:caps_lock [:km "open: Finder"]]
[:m [:km "open: Tower"]]
[:b [:km "open: BetterTouchTool"]]
[:r [:km "open: Fantastical"]]
[:e :!OSC1] ; Open Dash
[:semicolon [:km "open: Xcode"]]
[:h [:km "open: Paw"]]
[:period [:km "open: SnippetsLab"]]
[:f [:km "open: 2do"]]
[:j [:km "open: iTerm"]]
[:n [:km "open: Sublime Text"]]
[:l [:km "open: VS Code"]]
[:o [:km "open: Keyboard Maestro"]]]}
{:des "ekey (cmd)"
:rules [:e-mode
[:open_bracket :!Copen_bracket]
[:close_bracket :!Cclose_bracket]
[:semicolon :!Csemicolon]
[:spacebar :!CT8] ; search selection in Dictionary (wiki)
[:quote :!Cquote]
[:comma :!Ccomma]
[:period :!Cperiod]
[:slash :!Cslash]
[:a :!Ca]
[:b :!Cb]
[:c :!Cc]
[:d :!Cd]
[:f :!Cf]
[:g :!Cg]
[:h :!Ch]
[:i :!Ci]
[:j :!Cj]
[:k :!Ck]
[:l :!Cl]
[:m :!Cm]
[:n :!Cn]
[:o :!Co]
[:p :!Cp]
[:q :!Cq]
[:r :!Cr]
[:s :!Cs]
[:t :!Ct]
[:u :!Cu]
[:v :!Cv]
[:w :!Cw]
[:x :!Cx]
[:y :!Cy]
[:z :!Cz]
[:1 :!C1]
[:2 :!C2]
[:3 :!C3]
[:4 :!C4]
[:5 :!C5]
[:6 :!C6]
[:7 :!C7]
[:8 :!C8]
[:9 :!C9]
[:0 :!C0]]}
{:des "rkey (apps)"
:rules [:r-mode
;[:period [:km "open: Actual"]]
[:period [:km "open: Marked"]]
[:q [:km "open: IINA"]]
[:l [:km "open: Ulysses"]]
[:t [:km "open: Transmission"]]
[:p [:km "open: Paprika Recipe Manager"]]
[:b [:km "Edit keyboard shortcuts"]]
[:m [:km "open: Postico"]]
[:a [:km "open: Alfred Preferences"]]
[:i [:km "open: Pixave"]]
[:e [:km "open: Reeder"]]
[:j [:km "open: Dictionary"]]
[:k [:km "open: PDF Expert"]]
[:w [:km "open: 1Password"]]
[:n [:km "open: Timing"]]
[:o [:km "open: Affinity Designer"]]]}
{:des "ikey (symbols)"
:rules [:i-mode
[:q :!Sopen_bracket]
[:t :quote]
[:r :!Squote]
[:d :backslash]
[:x :!Sbackslash]
[:b [:!St :!So :!Sd :!So :!Ssemicolon :spacebar]] ; -> TODO:
[:l [:hyphen :!Speriod :spacebar]] ; -> arrow (->)
;[:n [:slash :slash :spacebar :!St :!So :!Sd :!So :!Ssemicolon :spacebar]] ; -> // TODO:
[:caps_lock [:km "Match symbols"]]
[:e :!S3]
[:1 :!S1]
[:4 :!S8]
[:semicolon :semicolon]
[:2 :!S2]
[:f :hyphen]
[:s :!Shyphen]
[:j :equal_sign]
[:w :!S9]
[:g :!S4]
[:o :open_bracket]
[:a :slash]
[:z :!Sslash]
[:c :!S7]
[:3 :!Sequal_sign]
[:5 :!S5]
[:v :!Scomma]]}
{:des "okey (alfred)"
:rules [:o-mode
[:1 :!C1]
[:2 :!C2]
[:3 :!C3]
[:4 :!C4]
[:5 :!C5]
[:6 :!C6]
[:w :!CObackslash]
[:spacebar [:alfred "search dash profiles" "nikivi.dash.profiles"]]
[:z [:alfred "search PDF files" ""]]
[:g [:alfred "search snippets" "com.renfei.SnippetsLab.AlfredWorkflow"]]
[:grave_accent_and_tilde [:alfred "search processes" "com.vitorgalvao.alfred.processcontrol"]]
[:e [:km "Make 2Do task"]]
[:r [:km "Make 2Do task with Safari title as name"]]
[:q [:alfred "search downloads" "recentdownloads.ddjfreedom"]]
[:t [:km "2Do with current url as note (read)"]]
[:b [:km "2Do task (ask)"]]
[:tab [:km "2Do with current url as note (check)"]]
[:h [:km "2Do with current url as note (watch)"]]
[:a [:alfred "search files" ""]]
[:y [:alfred "search trash" "com.vitorgalvao.alfred.directories"]]
[:c [:alfred "search emoji" "com.github.jsumners.alfred-emoji"]]
[:i [:alfred "search tty sessions" "net.isometry.alfred.tty"]]
[:f [:alfred "search repos" "net.deanishe.alfred-git-repos"]]
[:n [:alfred "search lists" "nikivi.learn.anything"]]
[:m [:alfred "search lists" "nikivi.awesome.lists"]]
[:s [:alfred "search clones" "com.vitorgalvao.alfred.directories"]]
[:d [:alfred "search desktop" "com.vitorgalvao.alfred.directories"]]
[:j [:alfred "search km macros" "iansinnott.keyboardmaestro"]]
[:caps_lock [:alfred "search folders" ""]]
[:v [:alfred "search workflows" "org.jeef.workflowdirectory"]]
[:k [:alfred "search menu bar" "com.tedwise.menubarsearch"]]]}
;{:des "tabkey ()"
;[:o [:km "task: open source"]]
;[:l [:km "task: learn"]]]}
{:des "akey (ctrl)"
:rules [:a-mode
[:spacebar :!CT9] ; Search selection on Google
[:open_bracket :!Topen_bracket]
[:close_bracket :!Tclose_bracket]
[:semicolon :!Tsemicolon]
[:quote :!Tquote]
[:comma :!Tcomma]
[:period :!Tperiod]
[:slash :!Tslash]
[:b :!Tb]
[:c :!Tc]
[:d :!Td]
[:e :!Te]
[:f :!Tf]
[:g :!Tg]
[:h :!Th]
[:i :!Ti]
[:j :!Tj]
[:k :!Tk]
[:l :!Tl]
[:m :!Tm]
[:n :!Tn]
[:o :!To]
[:p :!Tp]
[:q :!Tq]
[:r :!Tr]
[:s :!Ts]
[:t :!Tt]
[:u :!Tu]
[:v :!Tv]
[:w :!Tw]
[:x :!Tx]
[:y :!Ty]
[:z :!Tz]
[:1 :!T1]
[:2 :!T2]
[:3 :!T3]
[:4 :!T4]
[:5 :!T5]
[:6 :!T6]
[:7 :!T7]
[:8 :!T8]
[:9 :!T9]
[:0 :!T0]]}
{:des "skey (essential)"
:rules [:s-mode
[:e :tab]
[:r :!Stab]
[:i :!Tspacebar]
[:o :!CTO9]
[:a :!Cc]
[:v :left_shift]
[:quote [:!Cleft_arrow :!CSright_arrow]] ; highlight current line
[:w [:!Oleft_arrow :!OSright_arrow]] ; highlight word
[:d :delete_or_backspace]
[:f :return_or_enter]
[:c :!Cdelete_or_backspace]
[:g :!Ctab]
[:##h :left_arrow]
[:##j :down_arrow]
[:##k :up_arrow]
[:##l :right_arrow]
[:##b :!Cleft_arrow]
[:n :!Cv]
[:##m :!Cright_arrow]
[:period [:km "Selected text -> TODO"]]
[:semicolon [:km "Tasks from apps -> TODO"]]]}
{:des "dkey (mouse)"
:rules [:d-mode
[:j {:mkey {:vwheel 100}}]
[:k {:mkey {:vwheel -100}}]
[:i :!Ckeypad_hyphen] ; Zoom in
[:a :!CT6] ; Smart zoom
[:o :!Ckeypad_plus] ; Zoom out
[:h :!CT3] ; Search menu bar items
[:l [:km "Select line and google"]]
[:n [:km "Open URL in clipboard in Safari"]]
[:g [:km "Centre mouse to active app"]]
[:m [:km "Google clipboard"]]
[:b {:pkey :button3}]
[:z {:pkey :button2}]
[:v {:pkey :button1}]
[:a :!TCO8]
[:period :!CTO3]]}
{:des "pkey (words)"
:rules [:p-mode
[:s [:t :h :a :n :k :s]]]} ; -> thanks
{:des "fkey (essential)"
:rules [:f-mode
[:e :!CO8]
[:spacebar :!CTq] ; search selection in Web Searches
[:semicolon [:km "open: TaskPaper"]]
;[:w [:km "Lowercase selected text"]]
;[:q :!STh] ; Record macro
[:q [:km "Go to test macro"]]
[:s [:km "New SnippetsLab snippet"]]
[:w [:km "Test"]]
[:u [:km "Add question"]]
;[:q [:km "Uppercase selected text"]]
[:period [:km "edit: Karabiner"]]
[:a :!CTO4] ; Alfred file action
[:j [:km "Open 1st iTerm tab"]]
[:h [:km "Make markdown link from selection {link}"]]
[:1 [:km "Lowercase selected text"]]
[:p :!CTOc] ; Sleep
[:open_bracket :!CT5] ; Sleep display
[:q [:km "Uppercase selected text"]]
[:slash [:km "edit: Darwin Nix"]]
[:quote [:km "edit: vimrc"]]
[:comma [:km "Add safari link to selected markdown text"]]
[:k :return_or_enter]
[:z :!Ospacebar]
[:l :!Creturn_or_enter]
[:3 :!CTOp] ; Sip color picker
[:2 :!COclose_bracket] ; PixelSnap
[:o :!Freturn_or_enter]
[:i :!Sreturn_or_enter]
[:n :!Treturn_or_enter]
[:m :!Oreturn_or_enter]]}
{:des "gkey (things)"
:rules [:g-mode
[:q :!CO0] ; Show Dropzone dropdown
[:e :!COd] ; Show/hide dock
[:k :!COSf] ; Maximize window
[:n :!CTOg] ; Turn on/off notifications
[:w :!CSgrave_accent_and_tilde] ; Switch between active windows (go up)
[:semicolon :!Cgrave_accent_and_tilde] ; Switch between active windows (go down)
;[:q :!COequal_sign]
[:m :!CTO2] ; Full screen app
[:j :!COslash] ; Show/hide notification centre
;[:m :!CO6] ; Maximize window to next monitor
[:period [:km "Break 5 min"]]
[:comma [:km "Break 10 min"]]
[:l :!CSOd] ; Move window right
[:h :!CSOa] ; Move window left
[:o [:alfred "new task" "nikivi.todo.task"]]
[:s [:km "Dismiss notifications"]]]}
{:des "zkey (chat)"
:rules [:z-mode
[:i [:km "open: Tweetbot"]]
[:b [:km "open: Whalebird"]]
[:f [:km "open: Spark"]]
[:g [:alfred "search contacts" ""]]
[:e [:km "open: Telegram"]]
[:period [:km "open: Caprine"]]
[:n [:km "Create new contact"]]
[:k [:km "open: Telegram"]]
[:semicolon [:km "open: Sblack"]]
[:j [:km "open: Textual"]]
[:o [:km "w: Slack"]]
[:l [:km "open: Discord"]]]}
{:des "xkey (alfred)"
:rules [:x-mode
[:l [:alfred "search wiki" "nikivi.mind"]]]}
{:des "vkey (media)"
:rules [:v-mode
[:e [:km "Connect/disconnect AirPods"]]
[:w [:km "wiki: Rules"]]
[:q [:km "wiki: Month"]]
[:j :mute]
[:period [:km "Noizio change"]]
[:semicolon :!TS0] ; Torn on/off Noizio
[:a [:km "Clone repo to ~/src/clones"]]
[:s [:km "Clone repo to ~/src/clones and open with VS Code"]]
[:i :display_brightness_decrement]
[:o :display_brightness_increment]
[:h :vk_consumer_previous]
[:l :vk_consumer_next]
[:k :vk_consumer_play]
[:n :volume_decrement]
[:m :volume_increment]]}
{:des "bkey (break)"
:rules [:b-mode
[:h [:alfred "search hn" "com.vitorgalvao.alfred.hackerboard"]]
[:m [:km "w: GitHub (trending)"]]
[:period [:km "w: Reddit Saved"]]
[:l [:km "w: Lobsters"]]
[:semicolon [:km "w: Lobsters (new)"]]
[:n [:km "w: Hacker News (new)"]]
[:i [:km "w: Alfred Forum"]]
[:o [:km "w: KM Forum"]]
[:k [:km "w: GitHub (front page)"]]
[:j [:km "w: Hacker News"]]]}
{:des "nkey (alfred)"
:rules [:n-mode
[:1 :!O1]
[:2 :!O2]
[:3 :!O3]
[:4 :!O4]
[:5 :!O5]
[:6 :!O6]
[:e [:alfred "search subs" "net.deanishe.alfred-reddit"]]
[:q [:alfred "search bookmarks" "net.deanishe.alfred.safari"]]
[:r [:alfred "search reddit" ""]]
[:spacebar [:alfred "search history" "net.deanishe.alfred.safari"]]
[:d [:alfred "search packages" "com.sindresorhus.npms"]]
[:x [:alfred "search lobsters" ""]]
[:a [:alfred "search shares" "nikivi.ask.create.share"]]
[:s [:alfred "search websites" "nikivi.web.searches"]]
[:f [:alfred "search repos" "me.lachlan.githubjump"]]
[:g [:alfred "search godoc" ""]]
[:w [:alfred "search github" ""]]
[:caps_lock [:alfred "search learn anything" "nikivi.learn.anything"]]]}
{:des "mkey (spotify)"
:rules [:m-mode
[:a :!CTO1]
[:s [:alfred "spot_mini" ""]]
[:e [:alfred "song_radio" ""]]
[:w [:alfred "artist_radio" ""]]
[:d [:alfred "show_current_track" ""]]
[:x [:alfred "web_search_current_track" ""]]
[:c [:alfred "add_current_track_to" ""]]
[:z [:alfred "show_playlists" ""]]
[:grave_accent_and_tilde [:alfred "copy_current_track_url_to_clipboard" ""]]
[:g [:alfred "add_current_track_to_alfred_playlist_or_your_music" ""]]
[:h [:alfred "remove_current_track_from" ""]]
[:caps_lock [:km "Send tweet with current URL"]]
[:f [:km "New tweet with current URL"]]]}
{:des "ckey (websites)"
:rules [:c-mode
[:m [:km "w: GitHub notifications"]]
[:k [:km "w: GitHub"]]
[:n [:km "w: Medium"]]
[:j [:km "w: YouTube"]]
[:o [:km "w: Jira"]]
[:l [:km "w: CodeSandbox"]]
[:i [:km "w: regex101"]]
[:semicolon [:km "w: Stack Overflow"]]]}
{:des "tkey (handy actions)"
:rules [:t-mode
[:k [:km "Go to KM group of current app from picklist"]]
[:j [:km "Go to KM group of current app"]]
[:spacebar :!COSr]
[:s :!CTOx]
[:period [:alfred "trash desktop" "nikivi.clean.folders"]]]}
{:des "ukey (websites)"
:rules [:u-mode
[:e [:km "w: Repl"]]
[:a [:km "w: Arxiv"]]
[:x [:km "w: Dropbox"]]
[:v [:km "w: Twitch"]]
[:d [:km "w: Google Drive"]]
;[:h [:km "w: Khan Academy"]]
[:t [:km "w: GitHub trending"]]
[:z [:km "w: MDN"]]
[:y [:km "w: Netlify"]]
[:g [:km "w: Kaggle"]]
[:i [:km "w: WakaTime"]]
[:w [:km "w: AWS"]]
[:s [:km "w: Asana"]]
[:n [:km "w: NPM"]]]}
; {:des "jsdot"
; :rules[:jsdot-mode
; [:s [:equal_sign :!Speriod :spacebar]] ; -> =>
; [:r [:r :e :t :u :r :n :spacebar]] ; -> return
; [:t [:r :e :t :u :r :n :spacebar :!Sopen_bracket :!Sclose_bracket :left_arrow :return_or_enter]] ; -> return {}
; [:a [:c :o :n :s :o :l :e :period :l :o :g :!S9 :!S0 :left_arrow]]]} ; -> console.log()
; {:des "godot"
; :rules[:godot-mode
; [:a [:g :o :l :a :n :g :spacebar]]]} ; -> golang
{:des "pydot"
[:a [:p :r :i :n :t :!S9 :!S0 :left_arrow]]]} ; -> print()
{:des "backkey (dash)"
:rules [:backquote-mode
[:open_bracket :!TOopen_bracket]
[:close_bracket :!TOclose_bracket]
[:semicolon :!TOsemicolon]
[:quote :!TOquote]
[:comma :!TOcomma]
[:period :!TOperiod]
[:slash :!TOslash]
[:a :!TOa]
[:b :!TOb]
[:c :!TOc]
[:d :!TOd]
[:e :!TOe]
[:f :!TOf]
[:g :!TOg]
[:h :!TOh]
[:i :!TOi]
[:j :!TOj]
[:k :!TOk]
[:l :!TOl]
[:m :!TOm]
[:n :!TOn]
[:o :!TOo]
[:p :!TOp]
[:q :!TOq]
[:r :!TOr]
[:s :!TOs]
[:t :!TOt]
[:u :!TOu]
[:v :!TOv]
[:w :!TOw]
[:x :!TOx]
[:y :!TOy]
[:z :!TOz]]}
{:des "commakey"
:rules [:comma-mode
[:e [:alfred "restart wifi" ""]]
[:w [:alfred "toggle wifi" ""]]
[:g [:km "Commit my wiki"]]]}
{:des "spacekey (km palettes + actions)"
:rules [:spacebar-mode
[:f :!SOTf] ; App specific
[:j :!CT4] ; Create new Fantastical event
[:t :!SOTr]]} ; Personal
{:des "capskey (todo + trello)"
:rules [:caps-mode
[:1 :!TO1]
[:2 :!TO2]
[:3 :!TO3]
[:4 :!TO4]
[:5 :!TO5]
[:6 :!TO6]
[:7 :!TO7]
[:8 :!TO8]
[:9 :!TO9]
[:0 :!TO0]
[:f [:km "Open Focus Trello"]]
[:e [:km "Open Learn Trello"]]
[:v [:km "Open Videos Trello"]]
[:w [:km "Open Write Trello"]]
[:s [:km "Open Possessions Trello"]]
[:period [:km "Open Books Trello"]]
[:h [:km "Open Research Papers Trello"]]
[:c [:km "Open Courses Trello"]]
[:i [:km "Open Ideas Trello"]]
[:m [:km "todo: tools"]]
[:r [:km "todo: write"]]
[:d [:km "todo: draw"]]
[:n [:km "todo: clean"]]
[:o [:km "todo: code"]]
[:j [:km "todo: empty"]]
[:k [:km "todo: 2Do"]]
[:l [:km "todo: learn"]]]}]}