DSL to easily modify Karabiner configuration
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Karabiner config generator

DSL to easily modify Karabiner configuration

The idea is to make a small language with first class support for variables, sticky key and simultaneous key definitions that generates Karabiner JSON.

The script is a modified version of a ruby script by Tekezo.

The included config contains my own private keyboard configuration. To generate it and add it to Karabiner Elements, run this command: ruby call.rb Or you can download modd and run modd to automatically generate the rules on any of the ruby file changes.

To have it work you first have to create a profile in Karabiner Elements with name generator-test.


There is a Telegram group you can join to ask questions and build the most awesome DSL for describing keyboard configuration.



Suggestions and pull requests are highly encouraged!


MIT © Nikita Voloboev