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Ubuntu Installer for the Playstation 3 System.
* This not in anyway endorsed by Sony and all other Sony companies/entities that are in existance.
* All software written here was written by hand and does not use any Sony Proprietary Code.

* I am in no way responsible for anything that happens to your Playstation 3 while using this installer.
* There should be no reason for this software to brick your Playstation 3 system, but in the event it
* does, I am not responsible for it.  Use at your own risk!

* This installer was also meant to be used with Gitbrew OtherOS CFW's. Rebug may work but untested.
These are the first attempts at an official Ubuntu installer for the Playstation 3.

Reasons for this installer:
- People make mistakes.  Simple as that. To err is human.
- This installer is to automate and hopefully cut down on chatter in the IRC rooms.
- Make installing Ubuntu easier on the PS3.


- Lots of beta testing for 100% run through.

- Lots of testing.
- Add Ubuntu menu to installer.

- Attempt to add preinstall partitioning script.
- Lots and lots of bug tests.

- Add git clone ability to clone the latest kernel.
- Add kernel compiling.
- Add reboot and unplug usb keyboard message.
- Attempt to add pre-installation script to prepare the partitioning.

- Add most of the functions of the installer to the script.

- Write comments

A changelog will be provided here:

- Added bunch of bug fixes.
- Added menu for Ubuntu Logo.
- Added preinstall partitioning script.
- Lots and lots of bug fixes
- Added git clone ability to download latest kernel.
- Added kernel compiling (Very buggy at the moment).
- Added reboot and unplug keyboard message at the end of the installer.
- Added umount of ps3dd2.
- Added creation of chroot dir.
- Added choice of formatting options including option to skip if manually formatted before running script.
- Added mounting of chroot dir to /dev/ps3dd2.
- Added cleaning of drive & check in case installer needs to be re-run (For testing and fresh starts).
- Added Debootstrapping.
- Added chrooting process.
- Added terminal color addition.
- Added automatic fstab entries based on selection of formatting options.
- Added timezone installer.
- Added the option to choose your own Playstation 3 name and auto configure hostname.
- Added automatic entries for /etc/network/interfaces file.
- Added options for resolv.conf.  Choose between default or adding your own gateway ip.
    and automated resolv.conf entries.
- Added automatic aptitude sources entries.
- Added locales and console data installers.
- Added tasksel installation.
- Added package cleanup after all packages have been installed.

- Script echo's "I do not work yet".