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Advanced and minimalistic Next.js and Apollo starter

What's includedGetting StartedApollo usageTestsDocker usage

What's included


  • Latest Next.js version.
  • Latest packages updates.
  • GraphQL Apollo client with built-in cookie-based JWT token authentication.
  • Works both via Client-Side Rendering and Server-Side Rendering;
  • TypeScript environment.
  • Normalize.css included.
  • No custom server.

Developer experience

Getting started

No extra knowledge needed to get started, see Next.js documentation.

GraphQL Code Generation

Generated interfaces for co-located .graphql files. See the example.

yarn codegen

Apollo usage


Jest is a great tool for testing. To run tests simply use test script from package.json:

yarn test

Pretty much everything you need to know about project structure, SSR, etc., you can find in the official Next.js documentation.

Docker usage

To build and run Dockerized production-ready container, run:

docker-compose up --build