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LowEndPing Network Status

LowEndPing is a simple network query script.


  • Install Composer
  • Download the contents and extract into a directory
  • Run "composer install" in that directory
  • Run "php artisan migrate" to initialize the database
  • Install the python script on the servers you want (see below)
  • Edit app/config/lowendping.php and add the servers (Numeric keys are required, and it is recommended to keep them in order), and optionally disable the archive
  • Add "cd /path/to/lowendping; php artisan lowendping:archive" to a cron job, every hour or daily would be fine. This is required even without the archive to clean up old queries.
  • Edit your webserver configuration and set the document root to (install dir)/public, then add a rewrite rule for laravel (Use google, there's plenty out there)
  • Try it out!

Python script installation:

  • Install python, python-pip, and mtr-tiny
  • Run 'pip install sh' (the required shell wrapper) and 'pip install ipaddress' (required only if python 2.7 instead of python 3)
  • Update the information in to point to your server and define an auth token
  • Run 'python' (It is recommended to run it as a user other than root of course)


Websockets will allow LowEndPing to give instant responses. It requires a bit more configuration, and is probably only really worth it when running a LowEndPing installation with more than 10 servers or a lot of traffic.

To use Websockets, install the following packages (along with a c compiler, gcc will work just fine):


apt-get install libzmq1 libzmq-dev

Then, install php-zmq

git clone git://
cd php-zmq
phpize && ./configure
make && make install
echo "" > /etc/php5/conf.d/zmq.ini

To install the libraries needed in PHP you must add the following to composer.json's "require" section, and run "composer update"

"cboden/Ratchet": "0.3.*",
"react/zmq": "0.2.*"

And then start "php artisan lowendping:websocket" and restart your webserver/php5.

Then, set websocket.enabled to "true" in app/config/lowendping.php, and modify the port if you wish. Websockets should now work, verify it by opening your url and the Network console in Chrome/Firefox, and watch for "Switching Protocols" when submitting a query.

It is also suggested to start the server using supervisord, just any standard config running the above command will work.


The Laravel framework is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license

LowEndPing is also open-source and licensed under the same license.


A remake of LowEndPing, now with better code!



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