Program to control DriveSnapshot, giving multiple months of daily backups in minimal space
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Program to control DriveSnapshot, giving multiple months daily backups in minimal space.

It takes a full image backup of one or more disk drives at the start of the month, and a differential image every day thereafter.

Next month, it does the same, in a different folder.

The following month it uses a third folder. After that, it goes back to the first one.

That way you can restore your full system to any point in the last 2-3 months, or can also access any individual file or folder as it was on any day in the past 2-3 months.

Because the backups are compressed, the whole caboodle only takes about 4 times the size of the drive.


Backup [-<generations>] [-s(hutdown)] <folder> <disk> [<disk> ...]

<generations>: Number of month folders to create before reusing the first one. Default 3.

-s : Shuts down computer when backup is finished.

<folder>: Destination parent folder (folders named "0", "1", "2" will be created for the month folders below this one).

<disk>: Drive letter - e.g. C

#This program requires Drive Snapshot to function