A schema (XSD) validator for NodeJS
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A (XSD) schema validator for NodeJS that uses Java to perform the actual validation.


This utility assumes that javac and java are on the path or that the JAVA_HOME environment exists and points to an installed JDK.

On some platforms, i.e. Mac OSX you need to define JAVA_HOME manually.

How to Use

Install via npm:

npm install --save xsd-schema-validator

Use in your application:

var validator = require('xsd-schema-validator');

var xmlStr = '<foo:bar />';

validator.validateXML(xmlStr, 'resources/foo.xsd', function(err, result) {
  if (err) {
    throw err;

  result.valid; // true

You may validate readable streams, too:

var xmlStream = fs.createReadableStream('some.xml');

validator.validateXML(xmlStream, ...);

...and files, too:

validator.validateXML({ file: 'some.xml' }, ...);


Because Java can do schema validation and NodeJS cannot.