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All notable changes to wuffle are documented here. We use semantic versioning for releases.


Note: Yet to be released changes appear here.


  • FEAT: various performance improvements for logged in board access (2fe40483, de5403da)
  • FEAT: use app APIs to determine user repository access (579743a9)
  • FIX: account for GitHub API changes breaking private repository display (#80)
  • CHORE: bump dependency versions


  • FEAT: be able to specify default column collapsed state
  • FIX: prevent collapsed columns from breaking layout
  • FIX: correct collapsed column layout in Firefox


  • FEAT: support connects to create parent -> child relationship (#78)
  • FEAT: add ability to whitelist enabled organizations (#75)
  • CHORE: add sentry support, inherited from Probot
  • CHORE: board update errors with context
  • CHORE: ensure the app restores before completing startup
  • CHORE: serialize board version on store dump
  • FIX: do not bump updated_at when synchronizing issue details
  • FIX: correct status sync failure on PR open
  • FIX: don't swallow changes on concurrent store updates
  • FIX: prevent accidental double background sync
  • FIX: handle deleted forks in pull request filters (2b40281f)


  • FEAT: improve background synchronization of pull request details (#70)
  • FEAT: make background synchronization configurable via environment variables


  • FEAT: recognize full list of GitHub closes keywords (#73)
  • FEAT: recognize colon in issue links (#73)
  • CHORE: feat with maximum page size during background sync to avoid hitting GitHub rate limits

Special thanks goes to @mjcarroll for contributing #73.


  • FEAT: reindex store on board configuration changes (#69, #49)
  • FEAT: allow to hook into store restore and serialize


  • FIX(app): deduplicate check runs by name (#66)


  • FEAT: integrate pull request checks and statuses (#41)
  • FEAT(board): provide better link titles (77cf5b2d)
  • FEAT(board): add limited offline support
  • FEAT(board): improve error handling and recovery
  • FEAT(board): cache assets in front-end
  • FEAT(board): make header responsive
  • FIX(app): correct label update (3ff74c22)
  • FIX(app): update card on pull_request.synchronize, too

Breaking Changes

  • The app requires read access to checks and statuses as well as the connected event subscriptions in order to display pull request states (#41).


  • DOCS: align app with project documentation


  • FEAT: publish as wuffle to npm
  • FEAT: validate presence of compiled board assets
  • FEAT(app): log working directory when starting
  • CHORE: compile board assets to app
  • CHORE(app): resolve wuffle.config.js in working directory


  • CHORE(board): reduce amount of unused styles


  • CHORE(board): add more a11y hints
  • FIX: correctly handle dismissed reviews


  • FIX(board): ensure long card titles do not kill card layout
  • FEAT(board): give card links full prominence
  • FEAT(board): show assignees collapsed and expand them as needed


  • FEAT(app): integrate reviews (#22)
  • FEAT(app): pick up milestone edits (#46)
  • FEAT(app): pick up label edits
  • FEAT(app): allow partial issue updates
  • FEAT(background-sync): add ability to hook up external behaviors
  • FEAT(background-sync): batch update issues (1958c9d3)
  • FEAT(board): hide merged, non-closing PRs from cards (06794aa5)
  • FEAT(board): add numerous UI hints
  • FEAT(board): improve assignee display
  • FEAT(board): slightly adjust board styles, making it more pleasent to look at
  • FEAT(store): serialize store updates (a5bdcbe5)


  • FEAT(search): include login/org in repository search
  • FEAT(search): use includes to filter labels and repositories
  • FEAT(board): deep link milestone to GitHub
  • FIX(board): correct icon sizes displaying wrong in Firefox (#48)


  • FEAT(app): reduce re-ordering noise on the board by card order, if possible (62bea58d)
  • FEAT(app): do not move referenced issues via board (260d1e8a)
  • FEAT(board): provide card link titles
  • FEAT(board): make card link icons and PR / epic icons clickable
  • FEAT(board): show blocking links first in list
  • FEAT(board): make title read-only
  • FEAT(board): visualize open required by / closes issues as standard link types
  • FIX(app): only move issues to top that move to new column


  • FEAT(board): make click on issue numbers open the issue on GitHub as the default interaction again (#35)
  • FEAT(board): make filtering by issue reference, tag or milestone available as SHIFT / CTRL + click
  • FEAT(board): make consecutive click on reference, tag or milestone toggle the relevant filter
  • FEAT(board): escape card dragging on ESC key


  • DOCS: add troubleshooting document
  • DOCS: document column to state mappings


  • FEAT(app): handle PRs from external like new issues (8e0919d5)
  • FEAT(app): allow alternative column names and explicit state mappings (c2575b32)
  • FEAT(app): validate board configuration (#39)
  • FEAT(app): crash on run failure (2d2ac864)


  • FEAT(app): recognize list of linked issues with the same type
  • DOCS: document login callback url
  • FIX(auth-routes): gracefully handle missing cached data in auth callback


  • FEAT(background-sync): ignore archived repositories
  • FEAT(apps/dump-store): allow usage of local dump store outside dev mode
  • CHORE: di-ify app core

Breaking Changes

  • We restructured internals and made apps expose their own APIs. Things changed.


  • FEAT: connect all repositories connected to GitHub app

Breaking Changes

  • config.repositories is now obsolete
  • The board does not default to a repository for its name, configure a board name via


  • FIX(app): capture requested reviewer changes


  • FEAT(app): mark column as sorting=true to incrementally sort cards based on links (#29)
  • FIX(app): correct GitHub app manifest
  • FIX(board): correctly handle reordering updates


  • DOCS: new setup and run guide 🎉
  • FIX: correct various getting started / configuration glitches
  • FIX: validate BASE_URL in run script


  • FEAT(board): filter by tags
  • FIX(board): de-duplicate attached PR links
  • FIX(app): properly update link sources if linked issue changes (#33)
  • CHORE(app): improve start validation and hints


  • FEAT(board): add powered by link
  • FEAT(app): allow searching by ref
  • FEAT(app): inverse link related to issues
  • FEAT(board): add ability to filter by issue with dependencies
  • FEAT(board): show epic progress bar and completed count (#27)
  • FIX(apps/search): allow more special keys in search


  • FEAT(board): display issue links (#3)
  • FEAT(board): display full issue key on hover
  • FEAT(board): add epic icon and links (#30)
  • FEAT(app): add new/updated issues without order to column top
  • FEAT(project): add docker image
  • FIX(board): allow scrolling while dragging card


  • FEAT(app): add ability to force HTTPS redirect
  • FEAT(project): provide pre-built docker images (#25)
  • FEAT(app): add run script
  • FEAT(app): validate environment configuration before start
  • FIX(app): expose required information for deleted issues
  • DOCS(project): document environment variables


  • FEAT(project): add Procfile
  • FIX(dump-store-s3): correctly handle inbound data
  • CHORE(dump-store-s3): set dump interval to five minutes
  • CHORE(dump-store*): log pre-exit actions and timings


  • FIX(search): recognize _ in search values
  • FIX(automatic-dev-flow): correct branch issue number globbing


  • FIX(search): recognize dashes search values


  • FEAT(background-sync): update only actually changed items
  • FEAT(search): add is:{ open, closed, issue, pull } filters
  • FEAT(search): ignore operators with empty values
  • FEAT(board): focus board filter on CTRL/CMD + F
  • FEAT(board): complete board filter qualifier values


  • FEAT(background-sync): improve sync performance for closed issues
  • FEAT(background-sync): expire and remove closed issues not updated for 60 days
  • FEAT(board): simplify board filter
  • FEAT(board): add initial focus hint to board filter
  • FEAT(search): put negation char before operator
  • FEAT(search): support ! to negate a search operator
  • FIX(dump-store): correct store not dumping on exit


  • FEAT(search): add ability to negate search using -
  • FEAT(links): unlink closed, unmerged PRs from issue
  • FEAT(board): autoresize card titles on focus
  • FIX(board): prevent shrinking of PR and collaborator icons


  • FIX(board): prevent error on card filtering


  • FEAT(app): optimize card fetching
  • CHORE(app): cache board
  • FEAT(board): incrementally render cards
  • FIX(search): recognize colons in search values


  • CHORE: numerous error handling and logging improvements
  • CHORE: propagate board api errors
  • CHORE: recover from background sync failures
  • FIX: correctly handle related to links
  • FIX: update all (including already existing) links
  • FIX: correctly reset org-auth installation cache



  • FEAT: remove issues that failed to synchronize during background sync
  • FEAT: parse and publish issue links


  • FEAT: collapse issue and closing PR into single card
  • FEAT: add pull request icon



  • FEAT: combine front-end and back-end into single app
  • FEAT: migrate front-end to Svelte and Bootstrap
  • FEAT: dump store on exit
  • FEAT: add ability to dump and restore store to/from S3
  • FEAT: enable response compression for public routes
  • FEAT: add ability to configure board via BOARD_CONFIG environment variable
  • FEAT: minimize amout of stored / transfered data
  • FIX: allow moving a card to end of column


  • FEAT: show search hints as you type
  • FEAT: show incremental / partial search results
  • FEAT: add search by reviewer


  • FEAT: hide column labels
  • FEAT: display reviewers
  • FEAT: display all assignees


Initial version.

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