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List of things to do:
- Find a better way to hide the file list and use the same way to hide
the terminals. Patches for this are welcome!
- Configurable shortcut keys: allow users to change the shortcut keys
with .vimmaterc. Need to find a way to specify the modifier (shift, ctrl)
and the key. Probably something like "CONTROL_MASK SHIFT_MASK GDK_S".
- Icons are missing on move or mkdir -p
= Ideas
- New from file copy
- Opening many files at once
- Open in external viewer
= TODO from Rewrite
- re-enable SVN support
/home/niklas/ruby/VimMate/bin/../lib/file_tree_controller.rb: line 150
Gtk-CRITICAL **:gtk_tree_model_row_has_child_toggled: assertion `path != NULL' failed