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abhas commented Mar 7, 2011

As shown in the screenshots, how does one get a terminal command-line within VimMate? I have installed ruby-gnome2 but still no Terminal.

niklas commented Mar 9, 2011

I disabled the terminal pane because it caused problems while refactoring and I did not need it - opeing an own window for the terminal seemed sufficient. Do you really need this?

abhas commented Mar 11, 2011

Well - Having a terminal means that I don't need to have another window open to run commands or restart services while writing uby code or scripts. I think its an extremely convenient. Is there a way I can enable it locally just on my installation?

niklas commented Mar 11, 2011

no, you cannot - it was almost completely removed. But I will implement this in the not-far future. Just out of curiosity: do you want to switch to the terminal pane by key shortcut or do you focus it by clicking with the mouse?

abhas commented Mar 14, 2011

I would prefer a key-shortcut. That way I can simple switch to the terminal without having to move my hands off the keyboard.

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