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This is collaborative work of Ned Williamson and Niklas Baumstark
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Hack2Win 2018 -- Chrome sandbox

This is a sandbox escape exploit for Chrome 69.0.3497.92 / Windows 1803 (up to date on Sep 21st 2018)

Authors: Ned Williamson (bug & exploit), Niklas Baumstark (exploit & plugging everything together)

Bug report/writeup:

Building vulnerable Chrome & patching the renderer

It would be hard to reproduce the full-chain exploit because Chrome & Windows version have to match what we targetted back in September 2018. The files for the renderer patch via DLL injection are just here for reference (in inject/).

Instead you can build a vulnerable version of Chrome and apply custom renderer patches to reproduce the sandbox escape as a standalone exploit: In an existing Chromium source directory, do git checkout 271eaf && gclient sync, then rebuild. To apply the renderer patches required for the standalone sandbox escape, do patch -p1 < /path/to/renderer-271eaf.patch.

Running is the web server that serves the exploit. Run it on Linux (or WSL) and start Chrome in guest mode, then browse to http://localhost:8000/

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