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Org mode parser with html & pretty printed org rendering
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niklasfasching html: Fix code block export (superfluous newlines)
I didn't consider that all newlines in the pre block will be printed and we
thus shouldn't wrap html that has it's tags on separate lines (i.e. contains
superfluous newlines) - wrapping in a div less accurately represents
org-html-export but it provides the same information and gives us more freedom
in the return value of HighlightCodeBlock as well as allowing us to keep the
html tags on new lines (consistency).
Latest commit 97fe8b7 Jul 28, 2019


An Org mode parser in go. Take a look at github pages for some examples and an online org -> html demo (wasm based). Please note that the goal for the html export is to produce sensible html output, not to exactly reproduce output the output of org-html-export.

not yet implemented

deadlines and scheduling


latex fragments


  • mathjax for html_writer ?

more types of links

see &

  • radio target <<<MyTarget>>>
  • link target: <<go-org>>
  • link: go-org
  • link to headline
  • links with image as description
  • MyTarget <- this will automatically become a link - not sure i want this…


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