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Org mode parser with html & pretty printed org rendering
Go Shell CSS Makefile
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An Org mode parser in go. Take a look at github pages for some examples and an online org -> html demo (wasm based). Please note that the goal for the html export is to produce sensible html output, not to exactly reproduce output the output of org-html-export.


  1. make setup install
  2. change things
  3. make preview (regenerates fixtures & shows output in a browser)

in general, have a look at the Makefile - it’s short enough.

not yet implemented

deadlines and scheduling


more types of links

see &

  • radio target <<<MyTarget>>>
  • link target: <<go-org>>
  • link: go-org
  • link to headline
  • links with image as description
  • MyTarget <- this will automatically become a link - not sure i want this…


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