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Toner is a plugin for interactively and visually toning vim highlight colors.


The nicest way is to use the excellent Pathogen plugin, and just clone the Toner repository while standing in your <~/.vim/bundle/>.

To have the docs indexed, then run:

:helptags ~/.vim/bundle/vim-toner/doc/


Load up some code with nice syntax highlighting. Set up default mappings with:

:TonerMap + -

Then adjust a current or newly made colorscheme interactively, using e.g.:

:Toner . h          " affect color group under cursor, operate on hue
:Toner l 1 fg bg    " on light by 1, affect both fore- and background
:Toner * s 10 bg    " *all colors*, saturation by 10, only background
:Toner!             " reset Toner state to ". h fg 2"


To get an overview of the available highlight groups for Vim structures and various syntaxes, do:

:help group-name

in one window, and:

:so $VIMRUNTIME/syntax/hitest.vim

in another (also available in the menu (and thus via :emenu Syntax.Highlight\ test); see :help hitest.vim).

###Important about Float###

Floating point numbers in Vim can bug out if your locale doesn't use "." as decimal mark. If you see this:

E806: using Float as a String

, either do this in your running vim instance:

:language en_US.UTF-8

(any locale using '.' as decimal mark should do), or set the locale in the terminal, e.g:

$ LC_CYPE=en_US.UTF-8 gvim

Using MacVim, it seems just launching with the mvim script is enough.

(Note: this is said to have been fixed in Patch 7.2.318, but there still are problems in recent 7.3. Really must research and report..)


I suggest you read some or all of:

:help toner.txt

to get the gist of it all.


The HSL and hue rotation code is from huerotation.vim (Vim Script #2283) by Yukihiro Nakadaira. See http://www.vim.org/scripts/script.php?script_id=2283 (placed in the public domain). Many thanks for this!