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Game created in libGDX for the course TDP024 @ LiU 2017.
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My nightmare, it all stems from childhood

Game created in libGDX for the course TDP024 @ LiU 2017. It is not done, but the basic things are here.

Problems with the code

The current state of the code the player dosent move correctly. I was playing around with force for the player (mainly to get jumping working) but something is messed up. The player is more of sliding as on ice.

Not handling player damage

Code will just log the collision with enemies. But that would be pritty easy to implement.

What to do with this

Well this will not be updated after the course ended, so you will not get a full game ever. But it you want a sample project to look at this could be it. I think the state of the code is pritty decent. Please do enjoy!

alt text

alt text

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