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Quick Install

- Install MiniSat. Below the location of MiniSat headers and library
  files is referred to as $MINC and $MLIB respectively. If installed
  in a system-wide default location these locations are not necessary
  to specify by the user, and the configuration step becomes simpler.

- Configure the library dependencies:

  [ the exact details here may be simplified in the future ]

  > make config MINISAT_INCLUDE=-I$MINC
  > make config MINISAT_LIB="-L$MLIB -lminisat"

- Decide where to install the files . The simplest approach is to use
  GNU standard locations and just set a "prefix" for the root install
  directory (reffered to as $PREFIX below). More control can be
  achieved by overriding other of the GNU standard install locations
  (includedir, bindir, etc). Configuring with just a prefix:

  > make config prefix=$PREFIX

- Compiling and installing:

  > make install


- Multiple configuration steps can be joined into one call to "make
  config" by appending multiple variable assignments on the same line.

- The configuration is stored in the file "config.mk". Look here if
  you want to know what the current configuration looks like.

- To reset from defaults simply remove the "config.mk" file or call
  "make distclean".

- Recompilation can be done without the configuration step.

  [ TODO: describe configartion possibilities for compile flags / modes ]


  [ TODO: describe seperate build modes ]


  [ TODO: ? ]